Chiller downtime almost always is preceded by changes in temperature, pressure or flow. But a company hopes to fend off costly shutdown by predicting failures and alerting personnel to the pending problem.

ChillerNet, Atlanta, has developed a web-based solution providing near-real-time two-way communications, diagnostics and alerting technology. Chillers equipped with a ModBus interface can notify internal staff, representatives, third-party service contractors or customers of abnormal operating conditions, whether for one chiller or an entire system, simply by using a web browser and the Internet.

Advance predictive failure capability, user-definable setup and publish-and-subscribe alerting technology lessen the chances of downtime, and let personnel monitor and control remote chillers from the web.

The new program, which provides worldwide accessibility, lets users:

  • View operation, performance, alarms and analog values in near-real time.
  • Change any read/write port in real
    time, change setpoints, reset alarms and enable functions.
  • Subscribe to chillers, alarms and analog value changes, and know about changing conditions.
  • Receive email alerts automatically.
  • View real-time flash graphs of performance activity and trends over time.
  • View logs of set and cleared alarms and switches.
  • Set up security levels for users.

To learn more about ChillerNet, go to or call (404) 231-0720.