Portable Chiller From AWS Inc., Beacon provides I1°F accuracy, utilizing all nonferrous piping in air- and water-cooled models through 20 tons. Unit incorporates scroll compressors through 30 hp and discus compressors through 40 hp. Integrated or remote condensed design is available. A microprocessor-based controller with diagnostics is standard. Plate Heat Exchangers Used as condensers, evaporators and for liquid-to-liquid applications, WP Series units are offered up to 140 tons. Construction is all 316L stainless steel and copper. The devices from WTT America Inc. are 450 psi rated for use with most R-Series refrigerants. Level Transmitter Capacitance transmitter is compact in size and employs surface mount technology in an encapsulated module. It monitors level change by converting the movement of liquid refrigerant on the probe into a pulse wave form that is proportional to the level in the vessel. Series P from H.A. Phillips & Co. has 4 to 20 mA isolated output signal, maximum span of 4,000 pF, I0.25% repeatability, and minimum probe temperature of -60°F (-76°C). The transmitter utilizes a 24 VDC current loop for power source for signal transmission and is available for direct immersion into a vessel. Microprocessor-Based Programmer DCP50 is a 1/16 DIN device with a configuration software option that does not require a communications card. Features include universal inputs and power supply as well as four programs with 16 segments per program. The programmer from Honeywell Sensing and Control allows users to set parameters, providing the flexibility needed to address different application requirements such as temperature, pressure, flow and level. Portable Chiller Micro Cooler has a cooling capacity range of 0.75 to 2 tons. Available from Budzar Industries Inc. in three air-cooled models, the chiller has a nonferrous design that includes a brass pump, copper pipe and stainless steel reservoir. The chiller also has a high flow process pump to increase heat transfer efficiency, nonproprietary components and lift-off side panels. Packaged Chiller From Berg Chilling Systems Inc., AS-70-2-R has microprocessor controls and design flexibility. The chiller is available for indoor applications using air or water cooling, or remote air-cooled condensers. Standard models range in capacity from 20 to 80 tons, and custom units can be provided with higher capacity. Water-to-Ambient-Air Cooling System Model 9446 from Thermatron Engineering Inc. is a compact, drop-in component designed for cooling lasers, semiconductor manufacturing, plasma cutting, power supply and electronic cabinet equipment. The closed-loop system has a liquid-to-air heat exchanger with stainless steel tubing, positive-displacement pump, 316L stainless steel reservoir, inline particle filter and de-ionization cartridge, and liquid flow switch. It has a cooling performance of 75 W of dissipation for every 1°C of initial temperature differential between air entering and water entering the heat exchanger. Rack-Mount Fan Designed to constantly keep the air inside enclosures moving, rack-mount fan prevents the buildup of hot air and heat pockets. From Rittal Corp., unit can be mounted inside enclosures with standard 19" mounting angles. Available in 115 and 230 V as well as 24 and 48 VDC versions, the fan provides large volume air displacement and low noise. Small Footprint Chiller The chiller's Cool Command microprocessor-controlled refrigeration technology provides energy efficiency and improved compressor life. Chiller from PolyScience offers temperature ranges from 5 to 176°F (-15 to 80°C) and up to 10,000 BTUs. A choice of pumps is available to satisfy a range of applications. Replaceable Steel Dryer Shell From Parker Hannifin, dryer shell is designed for use in a refrigeration or air-conditioning system's liquid and suction lines. Device features include welded steel construction with corrosion-resistant paint; solid copper fittings; aluminum end plates; stainless steel bolts; rates of 7.5 to 123 tons; and a working pressure of 500 psi. In single or multiple-core applications, cores may be loaded individually to ease installation in tight spots. Coil Sizing Software CoilPro IV version 1.1 allows users to size and select cooling coils using a program for the Windows platform. Users can specify process criteria such as tube stock, fin pattern, fin height and length, and target BTU/hr performance. The software from Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc. was developed in Visual Basic and offers numerical models and functionality. Solid-State Air Conditioner MAA555T-115 is a through-mounted unit capable of cooling below ambient temperatures. Available in NEMA 12 and 4X as well as IP54 configurations, the air conditioner from Melcor Corp. has a capacity to 555 BTU/hr. Because the thermoelectric cooler contains no working fluids, it can be mounted in any orientation. Temperature Probe From Mastco Inc., temperature probe has a PTFE body that allows it to be used for temperature measurement of corrosive and aggressive chemicals. Isostatically molded to a PFA-covered cable, the probe and cable have identical chemical resistance at temperatures from -328 to 536°F (-200 to 280°C). Platinum RTD, thermistor, IC chip or thermocouple design allows integration with a range of monitoring equipment. RH, Dewpoint Transmitter HMP230 Series allows users to select output parameters, temperature range, serial or analog output, and sensor head type. Modules with cables and adjustable probe heads are suitable for wall or duct mount in small and pressurized spaces. From Vaisala Inc., the relative humidity and dewpoint transmitter has a NEMA 4 enclosure that provides protection in wet, condensing environments. Multiple Loop Temperature Controller KS 800 from Pyrometer Instru-ment Co. Inc. has an independent control unit that allows for decentralized control and incorporates a choice of bus interfaces. Parameter settings, configuration and operation on the eight-loop DIN rail controller is accomplished utilizing Windows-based engineering tool software. Controller has multiple PID sets with various control characteristics, and all have alarm functions. Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchanger PlateFlow from ITT Standard provides close fluid temperature control in heat recovery applications. The compact design offers an alternative to using a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, particularly in chemical process applications. With heat transfer surface areas up to 9,180 ft2, the exchanger employs countercurrent flow to maximize efficiency. Modular Cooling System From Lytron Inc., the MCS line consists of eight models with cooling capabilities from 500 to 11,500 W. Air-to-liquid or liquid-to-liquid designs have a copper or stainless steel heat exchanger assembly, pump and reservoir to maintain coolant temperature. Standard features on the self-contained modular cooling system include a reservoir level indicator, top-mounted port for access to the fluid reservoir, all-welded steel frame, built-in handles and heavy-duty vibration-isolation mounting feet. Vacuum-Jacketed Valve Cryolab CV8 from Leslie Controls Inc. is engineered for use in liquid hydrogen, helium, oxygen and nitrogen systems. The body and Kel-F seat configuration employ a sharp edge on a tapered seat. Double-bonnet seals and stem packing are used with Vitron and backed up with a Teflon seal to provide leak-tight performance. Bonnet is axially bolted to ensure complete compression of the Teflon seal and can be supplied for use in a horizontal position. Stem threads are made of stainless steel and mated to a brass bushing in the bonnet to eliminate galling. The valve is available in tube and pipe sizes from 0.5 to 4" and in globe, right-angle and Y pattern configurations. Pump Selection Software From Osmonics, Tonkaflo PumpTools is designed to ease pump selection for reverse osmosis systems and components. To select a pump, the user enters the desired flow rate and boost. Pump Wizard selection guide presents pump curves that indicate which Tonkaflo pumps will meet the operating requirements. Users can create a pump booklet package containing a product cutsheet, pump curves, tabulated drawing, option configurator, selection report, and 3D and 2D computer-aided design (CAD) symbols for the specific pump and motor. Free-Float Steam Trap NFT650 Series from Nicholson Steam Trap is designed for process applications using modulating control valves in the petrochemical industry. The steam trap's variable orifice is modulated by the float to provide an even flow without high velocity discharge or steam loss. Continuous condensate discharge follows load requirements and eliminates spikes in equipment performance. A stainless steel liner in the discharge port reduces body erosion. Heat Exchanger for Bulk Solids Designed for use in bulk solids heating and cooling, Bulkflow eliminates emissions, reduces operating costs and minimizes product degradation. The unit from Bulkflow Technologies Inc. combines mass flow with welded plate heat exchanger technology. PC-Programmable Loop Display From Moore Industries-International Inc., PSD reads 4 to 20 mA signals and displays information with accuracy up to I0.012% of input scale. Features include two rows of alphanumeric characters on an integral display, real-time field-viewable process status and readout display in milliamps, percent or other designated five-character EGU. The PC-programmable device al-lows users to set up application-specific operating parameters, including span, zero, input range, display range and filtering frequency via a single software screen. A built-in help reference guides users through configuration from hook-up to startup. Two-Wire Temperature Transmitter Model SC5010 has a membrane keypad for on-board configuration and test points on the face of the transmitter. Output current can be monitored without breaking the loop. The microprocessor-based transmitter from Wilkerson Instrument Co. Inc. provides galvanic isolation, digital linearization of thermocouples and RTDs, 4.5 digit LCD display and open indication for input wires. Field- configurable, the transmitter is designed for intrinsically safe hazardous area operation. Cryogenic Valves From Valcor Scientific, SV91 and SV95/955 Series can control liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide or refrigerants in a number of transfer or control applications. Suitable for industries such as liquid/gas chromatography, food processing and semiconductors, the valves are mountable in any position as a stand-alone device or in manifold configurations. They have direct-acting seals. Noncontact Infrared Thermometer IRtec P500 is designed to allow temperature measurements at a distance. The device from TTI Inc. has a measuring range of -22 to 1,706°F (-30 to 930°C), adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.00, accuracy of I1% and spectral response from 8 to 14 Km. The thermometer offers optional programmable alarms and auxiliary input for Type K and S thermocouples. DIN Rail-Mounted Temperature Controller Series 1ZC can be used for setpoint control of a single control loop and has two independent outputs configurable as direct-acting, reverse-acting or alarm. Designed for use in nonindicating subpanel applications, the autotuning PID controller will communicate with a control computer or programmable logic controller via a built-in bidirectional RS485 serial communications interface. The controller from Athena Controls Inc. supports a range of sensor inputs, including thermocouples, linear inputs and two- or three-wire RTDs. Pneumatic Control Valve Providing precise control through its 36 and 60 in2 actuator/yoke assembly, the Intimidator has high flow coefficients that allow smaller valve selection. Pneumatic control valve is available with numerous inlet size/port size configurations such as 0.5 to 4" (cast iron) and 0.5 to 2" (stainless steel, carbon steel and bronze). Epoxy-coated with stainless steel hardware and internals, the actuator from Spence Engineering Co. Inc. has a spring-loaded packing assembly. Water-Cooled Chiller TSW 90/100 is available in sizes from 20 to 100 tons. The six-compressor, two-circuit unit from Thermal Care Inc. has a programmable logic controller (PLC) with 16-color touch-screen control interface, scroll compressors, stainless steel evaporators and encapsulated refrigerant safeties that eliminate cap tubes. Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature Control WK Series is rated at 20 A and has a temperature range of -31 to 104°F (-35 to 40°C) with differentials from 4 to 10°F (2 to 5°C). From Selco Products Co., the cold capillary thermostat offers automatic reset and will provide precise temperature control in a range of applications, including refrigeration, freezer, split- and heat-pump-type air conditioners. Refrigerated Circulator F95-SD is designed for low temperatures in reaction blocks, reaction vessels or petroleum testing. Equipped with a pressure and suction pump system, the ultra-low refrigerated circulator from Julabo USA has a temperature range of -139 to 32°F (-95 to 0°C). It provides 1,600 W of cooling at -40°F (-40°C) and 360 W of cooling at -112°F (-80°C). Safety and early warning features and external temperature control are standard. Centrifugal Chiller From Carrier Corp., Evergreen chiller has capacities from 200 to 1,500 tons and uses nonozone depleting, chlorine-free refrigerant. When measured against the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute's conditions for full-load use, operating efficiencies approach 0.50 kW/ton. Optional refrigerant isolation valves allow refrigerant to be stored in the heat exchanger, providing a built-in containment vessel and allowing the unit to be serviced without removing the refrigerant charge. Free Boiler Maintenance Guide From Topog-E Gasket Co., booklet emphasizes the importance of a properly installed, no leak rubber gasket for safe, efficient boiler operations at pressures to 180 psi and 380°F (193°C). Cleaning procedures, gasket installation advice and a metric equivalent chart also are included. The pocket slide rule shows steam temperature vs. psi of steam. Definitions and conversions for various boiler data are included. Cooling System Jet-Vac supplies chilled water for chemical processes by utilizing plant boiler steam or available low pressure steam sources. The cooling system from Artisan Industries Inc. has no moving parts, and large or small system capacities can be provided. Fiberglass Cooling Tower From Advantage Engineering Inc., Power Tower is available in 45, 85, 105, 135, 170, 210, 270, 405 and 540 ton sizes. The nonferrous tower includes a fiberglass shell, PVC wet deck and drift eliminator, ABS fans, TEFC motors and a structural steel base. Permanent Memory Recorder Cox Tracer registers temperature to an accuracy of I0.9°F (I0.5°C) and time to an accuracy of better than I0.002% per month. Designed to withstand the rigors of transit temperature monitoring, the device from Cox Recorders records up to 40,000 observations. Each reading is indexed to real time and logged into permanent memory to prevent data loss if the battery is removed or depleted. A data record is produced by using the optional chart recorder or by downloading to a PC. General Purpose Pump Ramoy line from Moyno Inc. can handle water-like liquids, lubricating oils and abrasive and corrosive fluids. Pump features include self-priming function, flow rates from 0.02 to 50 gal/min, and pressures to 150 psi. More than 40 models are available. Stainless Steel Strainer Constructed from Type 304 stainless steel, Thompson from Miller-Leaman Inc. is a full-flow filtration device for cooling water systems. It is designed to protect heat exchangers and other downstream process equipment in cooling tower and chilled water systems. Heavier solids such as sand, sediment and rust particles are accelerated to the bottom of the strainer, where they can be flushed via the debris flush port. When clean, it operates with less than 1 psi pressure loss at maximum flow. Pressure Sensor GF+Signet 2450 has an all-PVDF body and ce-ramic diaphragm. From George Fischer Inc., the sensor is compatible with corrosive liquids, making it suitable for water management and wastewater applications, scrubbers and pump protection applications. The pressure sensor can be submersed in process vessels or used for inline applications with attachment of a conduit. Fluid Line Coupling Sixtube from Colder Products Co. has shut-off valves on the body or insert side. A snap-in panel-mount insert can be specified with shut-offs to maintain pressure or stop flow at the panel. With a push of the thumb latch, the fluid line coupling can disconnect up to six separate fluid lines. Individually sealed tube connections have EPR O-rings for leak-free performance in vacuum or pressure to 100 psi. Insulated Piping Python has proprietary SupAr-Gel insulation that provides heat leak protection in applications such as carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, ammonia, chilled water and temperature- sensitive liquids. The insulated piping from Chart Cryogenic Components is built in accordance with ANSI B31.3 specifications. Its temperature range is -350 to 400°F (-212 to 204°C) with pressures of 400 psi and higher. The piping is constructed of all stainless steel and has no internal obstructions. Joints can be welded or brazed. Motor Control System Simplified Motor Soft-Start from Enerpro Inc. reduces torque-induced stress in low horsepower three-phase motors and drive components. The system is suitable for soft starting blower motors, refrigeration systems, air compressors and other simple on/off motor control applications. Available as an open-frame assembly or mounted in its own enclosure, the unit requires less than 300 in3 of space. Flow Controller Controller from Kaeser Compressors creates storage within receiver tanks by accumulating compressed air without delivering it downstream. Air pressure is increased upstream of the air compressor while the flow controller delivers the required flow downstream at a constant system pressure. This reduces the actual flow demand by virtually eliminating artificial demand and reducing leakage. Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger From FlatPlate Inc., brazed plate unit design creates fluid turbulence to maximize liquid contact with system surfaces and provide greater heat dissipation with reduced fouling. Compact size permits the unit to be transported and mounted in tight locations. Fluid flow characteristics require low maintenance. Temperature Sensor Sensor uses noncontact infrared thermocouple technology to measure and control a roller cooling system used in a waterless printing process. From Exergen Corp., the device has a measurement range of 59 to 122°F (15 to 50°C) and a repeatability error of less than 0.01°C. The low maintenance system is hermetically sealed in stainless steel housing. Chiller With cooling capacities from 810 to 5,045 W, Merlin Series from Neslab Instruments Inc. has an easy-view fluid reservoir, reservoir drain and integrated fluid pressure reducer/flow controller. User-interface features include high and low temperature safeties, audible alarm, computer control and stability to I0.1°C. Circulating Water Bath Designed for critical applications demanding close temperature control, circulating water bath from Lindberg/Blue M has advanced microprocessor controls, industrial-strength pump and 304 stainless steel interior construction. A dual independent overtemperature safety system with adjustable temperature control is standard . Water Recirculating Temperature Control Combining 0.5 to 3 hp pumps and 4.5 to 18 kW heaters, Century Series has a footprint of 10.5 x 19". From Cooling Technology, temperature control has a touch-panel display with one button startup, automatic air purge and autotuning to control the process temperature to within I1°F. An Incoloy heater element and all nonferrous water path construction are standard. Rack-Mount Chiller Designed to replace tap water usage in water-cooled equipment, RK-19 provides 2,500 BTU/hr of cooling in a CFC-free refrigeration system. Equipped with a hot gas bypass to maintain stability to I0.1°C over the temperature control range of 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C), the air-cooled model from Tek-Temp Instruments Inc. has a microprocessor controller that simultaneously displays process temperature and setpoint. Temperature Control Unit Designed to provide tight temperature control during production, temperature control unit from Regloplas Corp. supports temperature requirements from 194 to 662°F (90 to 350°C). Features include stainless steel construction, leak-proof pumps and optional multiple machine interfaces. Single- and dual-zone as well as custom units are offered. Low Carbon-Forming Heat Transfer Fluid Suited for use in circulating temperature controls used in open systems where temperatures do not exceed 375°F (190°C), Texatherm exhibits thermal stability at sustained high operating temperatures. The fluid from Equilon Enterprises LLC is noncorrosive to copper and steel and resists cracking at elevated temperatures. Other features include low volatility, good oxidation stability and low viscosity. Food-Grade Fluid Designed for closed-loop, liquid-phase heating and cooling systems, MultiTherm PG-1 performs at temperatures to 600°F (316°C). From MultiTherm Corp., the fluid is suited for use in systems where maintaining a constant temperature is a vital requirement. It is FDA certified, so it can be used in food and pharmaceutical applications. Fixed-Mount Mixer A double-reduction gear-driven mixer, Model 5JTD can uniformly blend water-like or moderately viscous fluids in volumes up to 10,000 gal. From Chemineer Inc., the mixer's fixed-mount design permits vertical or angle mounting to beams or channels for open tanks. Other features include standard speeds of 310 and 170 rpm, helical gear design and pumping rates to more than 6,000 gal/min.
July/August 2000, RS#236