Thin-liquid internal gear pumps handle low-viscosity liquids and are suited for non-lubricating or corrosive liquids with low viscosities. The gear pump's flow is directly proportional to input speed, allowing it to meter process liquids. Thin-liquid models are available in iron, steel or stainless steel, with adjustable end clearances and idler gears of iron, non-galling 770 alloy or PPO composite. The pumps offer capacities up to 17 m3/hr (75 gal/min) and a pressure range of 100 psi at viscosities from 0.1 to 4 cSt, or up to 250 psi at higher viscosities. Close or long-coupled options, with motor-speed operation, reduce overall system cost and space required. The pump is self-priming and capable of reversible direction of flow.
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