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VILTER MANUFACTURING, Cudahy, Wis., expanded its line of air units, which now includes aluminum and copper units as well its standard and stainless steel units. Vilter also formed an exclusive partnership with COLMAC COIL MANUFACTURING, Colville, Wash., to offer their complete line of air unit products.

MOKON DIV., PROTECTIVE CLOSURES LLC, Buffalo, N.Y., published an updated product bulletin about its Iceman air-cooled portable chiller that discusses the product features integrated into the system to meet and exceed SPI Guidelines and NFPA 79 standards. For more information, call (716) 876-9951 or visit

NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION released ICS 6-1993 (R2001), "Industrial Control and Systems: Enclosures," which covers the enclosure requirements of all industrial control devices functioning on commercial voltages of up to 750 VDC, or up to 7,200 VAC. It includes information concerning ratings, constructions, testing, performance and manufacture.