The Energy Technology Division of GEA AG recently announced the merger of its GEA Power Cooling Systems and GEA Integrated Cooling Technologies business units into a single company, GEA Power Cooling Inc. The new company consists of three divisions that have been functionally organized around wet cooling solutions, dry cooling solutions and aftermarket services. Corporate headquarters will be located in Lakewood, Colorado.

According to the company, GEA Power Cooling Inc. is combining capabilities and resources in order to provide a broader range of superior, cost-effective wet or dry heat transfer solutions and aftermarket support to better serve customers' needs. The Dry Cooling Systems will be based in San Diego, Calif., under the direction of Tom Tarnok. The Wet Cooling Systems will be based in Lakewood, Colo., under the direction of Peter Miller. Aftermarket Services will be based in Tampa, Fla., under the direction of Richard Hebert.

"After many years of successfully providing cooling solutions as separate organizations, we've combined the strengths of Power Cooling Systems and Integrated Cooling Technologies," said Peter Miller, president and CEO of GEA Power Cooling Inc. "This significantly expands our overall capabilities and resources to more efficiently and expertly serve a larger number of customers with a more extensive range of cooling solutions. In addition, it has provided us with an opportunity to combine our aftermarket services into a standalone unit to reinforce our efforts, ensuring that proper attention is provided to our customers after the sale. This new organizational structure will also enhance profitability, improve operating efficiencies and increase our market share."

GEA Power Cooling Inc. will provide engineering, construction and maintenance of wet and dry heat rejection systems for the world's power and process industries. The company provides a range of air-cooled condensers and cooling towers as well as expert inspection services, preventative maintenance, replacement parts and service.