Next generation systems lower operating costs and chemical usage.

Introducing Nytrox's newest generation of computerized ozone water treatment equipment for cooling towers. This unique water treatment technology successfully eliminates the three critical cooling water issues -- bacteria, scale and corrosion. Ozone technology dramatically lowers operating costs and chemical usage. Higher cycles of concentration with the ozone process can significantly lower water usage.

Ozone is an effective biocide that impedes algae growth in the cooling tower and maintains low bacteria counts throughout the entire water system. The ozone process eliminates biological fouling and increases heat transfer efficiency.

Scale forms by adhering to the microbiological film layer in the heat exchanger. The ozone process eliminates this film layer. Nytrox provides automated blowdown control and scale modifiers that keep calcium in solution to prevent scale buildup.

The CT Series ozone systems eliminate microbiologically induced corrosion and associated pitting. Surface deposits that encourage under-deposit corrosion cannot accumulate with the ozone process. Chemicals are not needed to adjust the PH.

Nytrox's next generation CT Series systems will provide the highest ozone output per dollar cost in the industry. All Nytrox systems have computer control for optimal results with remote monitoring and control available. The compact system can be easily installed and maintained.

The benefits from the Nytrox system are:

  • Substantial reduction of chemical consumption and expense

  • Lower water usage

  • Lower energy costs

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Extended equipment lifespan

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