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Fog Cooling System

MeeFog systems are a cost effective and energy efficient way to cool larger volume airflows. A MeeFog system can cool 100,000 cfm of air by 20oF with less than 3 hp of energy. At 2,000 psi operating pressure, the nozzle produces a spray with 90% of the water flow in droplets 20 microns or smaller.
Mee Industries Inc.

Industrial Temperature Control

QPC Systems Inc. designs and manufactures a broad range of industrial temperature control equipment. Located in Holland, Michigan, QPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of IdraPrince.
QPC Systems Inc.

Temperature Control Valves

The Sterlco 56-T Temperature-Actuated Water-Regulating Valve evenly regulates cooling water and other fluids in the most rugged applications, available in six different temperature ranges.
ACS, Sterling
(414) 354-0970

Refrigerant Purge Unit

The New Model HPP-3 Series High Pressure Refrigerant Purge Unit was specifically designed to provide high efficiency noncondensable purging from high pressure refrigerant system applications from standard commercial chillers to large tonnage industrial process cooling chillers.
Redi Controls Inc.
(317) 865-4130

Water Circulating Chillers

Delta T Systems' line of portable chillers incorporates a small footprint with sound engineering principles. Water- and air-cooled models through 10 tons (120,000 BTU) available -- all with nonferrous construction, scroll compressors, large reservoir tank and off-the-shelf controls.
Delta T Systems
(800) 733-4204

Plate Heat Exchanger Tools

PHEX LLC supplies hand spanner wrenches and hydraulic equipment for opening and closing plate heat exchangers. On-site services in the New England area includes chemical cleaning of PHE's and other heat exchange equipment.

Fans and Blowers

New 12-page brochure shows the complete line of commercial and industrial fans and blowers along with steam heating products. Convenient charts assist in matching application requirements to fan capabilities.
The New York Blower Co.

Rite-Temp Water Chillers

Rite-Temp Water Chillers are manufactured for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, providing a constant supply of chilled, recirculated water. Multi-compressor systems operate independently as required.
(800) 235-0582

Liquid to Air Recirculating Heat Exchanger

Tek-Temp Instruments FK Series offer a wide range of performance cooling for all types of applications. These units are designed for continuous operation and can be rack mounted or have casters as an option.
Tek-Temp Instruments

Building Automation and HVAC Systems

Dwyer's new catalog for the Building Automation and HVAC markets. Products are grouped together by application: water-cooling systems, boilers, air quality and control, test equipment and signal processing.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Central Chillers

The central chiller's standard features, including air-cooled or water-cooled designs, 30 to 80 ton capacity, and single and multiple-circuit designs are described. Also shown are custom options,
(716) 876-9951

Spiral Blast Freezer

Ultra Series 2 are designed specifically for the food processing industry and engineered for either ammonia (NH3) or Freon packages. The Ultra Series 2 is available with Advanced Defrost Technology (ADT), Sequential Defrost Systems and Powerwash 2000 cleaning packages.
I.J. White Systems
(631) 293-2211, ext. 157

Temperature Control Units

Customized single fluid systems for aqueous and non-aqueous (thermal fluid) heating and/or cooling. Proven system designs for batch or continuous process applications from -150 to +750ºF.
TCS Engineered Products
(315) 298-8500

Fully Automatic Water Filter

The VAF2000 Filter is fully automatic, capable of filtering particulate to 15 micron. 24/7 protection with zero manhours. U.S. manufactured to ASME specs, provide the ultimate in tower, process and exchanger cleaning.
Valve and Filter Corp.
(800) 759-6554

Air Intake Filtration

Air Intake Filters keep airborne debris from entering your cooling towers, condenser coils and air handling units, preventing down time, lost productivity and maintenance cost due to system fouling and clogging.
Air Solution Co.
(513) 860-9784

New Brochure of Heat Exchangers

The new brochure from Exergy Incorporated features complete product information on our full line of miniature shell-and-tube and Tube-in-Tube heat exchangers.
Exergy Inc.
(781) 294-8838

ACME Packaged Chillers

The catalog offers many options including water-cooled, air-cooled and split system designs. The world's first manufacturer of packaged chillers has systems for applications including ice rinks, food and chemical process cooling, specialized HVAC, gas cooling and hard coat anodizing. Packages can be customized.
KETEMA LP, Standard Refrigeration
(708) 345-5400

Air- and Water-Cooled Chillers

1st Choice Portable Chillers manufactures portable chillers from 1 1/2 to 40 tons in air-cooled, water-cooled and remote air-cooled condensers
also 4 models of film (air-cooling) chillers ranging from 500 cfm to 2,500 cfm.
1st Choice Portable Chillers

6 Ton Ice Making Machine

Vogt Ice's Turbo DF-6 ice maker is a combination of proven design coupled with modern controls. The result is a reliable 6 ton machine that operates at or above capacity in adverse conditions. This unit provides ice that is the preferred kind for human consumption, food processing and chemical reaction cooling.
Vogt Ice
(940) 387-4301


True industrial designs from one to hundreds of tons in air cooled, water cooled, modular and split systems. Towers, tanks, filters, open and closed loops with free-cooling are available.
Freeze Co
(800) 339-8982

Wet Surface Air Cooler

The Niagara Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC) is a cost-effective alternative for fluid or gas cooling and vapor in process facilities. Advantages include lower installed and operating costs, and the ability to use poor quality water as makeup.
Niagara Blower Co.
(716) 875-2000

Multi-Wing NavCat CD

This new NavCat CD puts all Multi-Wing fan information and specifications right at your fingertips. If hard copies are needed, just print them out.
Multi-Wing America Inc., A Crowley Co.

Climate and Control Capabilities

New brochure focuses on product breadth and systems capabilities in supermarket refrigeration, industrial and commercial refrigeration, residential and commercial air conditioning, mobile air conditioning and fluid control.
Parker Hannifin Corp.

New MicroMax Series Chillers

The Schreiber 30 AC is the first of the new MicroMax Series. We have taken the power and durability of our chiller design and compacted it to bring you a chiller with the cooling capacity of 1/3 Ton. Its 20x28x20 dimensions are ideal for laboratory environments.
Schreiber Engineering
(562) 926-3855

Chiller Product Guide

Polyscience Recirculating Chillers maintain temperatures from -10 to 70oC with +/-0.1 C stability. They feature digital temperature and pressure/flow rate displays and integral temperature, pressure, and flow rate protection. Over two dozen models are available.
(847) 647-0611

Self-Cleaning Water Filter

Orival Filters protect heat exchangers and prevent clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages by removing dirt particles down to micron size, of any specific gravity, from once-through and recirculating cooling water systems.
Orival Inc.
(800) 567-9767

Industrial Duty Coils

Industrial duty coils designed for the OEM, industrial process and replacement marketplace. Steam, liquid heating, cooling and refrigeration coils are custom designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen. We can meet your application need. Providing your "Coil of Choice."
(662) 229-4000

Amarillo Gear Drives

Leading manufacturer of gear drives for cooling towers and heat exchangers. Technical design and quality construction for exclusive use in these extreme and demanding conditions. Quality program ISO 9001 certified.
Amarillo Gear Co.