Lytron Inc. has partnered with Carmichael Engineering Ltd., a Canadian service company, to open a service depot in Mississauga, Ontario. The depot center will service the Woburn, Mass.-based company's products, including Kodiak recirculating chillers, large-capacity chillers and modular cooling systems, throughout Canada. Carmichael employs more than 300 engineers and technicians trained in the service and repair of Lytron's chiller systems. In addition to depot repairs and servicing, Carmichael also will provide on-site service through its 14 service centers. Lytron spare parts will be warehoused in Mississauga for fast distribution throughout Canada, further reducing customer downtime. Customers should continue to contact Lytron at its U.S. facility for any Canadian service needs, and the company will coordinate the service call with Carmichael.