The term cooler has many definitions. Explore coolers and cooling products now available in a special product roundup.

Unlike a chiller or a heat exchanger, the term cooler means different things to different people utilizing process cooling equipment. For some, the definition falls on the side of industrial refrigeration units used in product storage. Others define a cooler more generally: any product that plays a part in a cooling process.

Process Cooling & Equipment's January/ February product roundup includes coolers and cooling products to fit every definition. For more information on any of the coolers included in this roundup, contact Process Cooling & Equipment editorial staff.

Wet Surface Air Cooler

Evaporative heat removal device can be used for liquid cooling, vacuum steam condensing, refrigerant condensing, gas cooling and mixed vapor condensing applications. Available from Niagara Blower Co., closed loop system uses direct evaporative cooing and can be manufactured to ASME and TEMA standards. Tube bundle design allows inspection and cleaning of all tube surfaces.
January/February 2001, RS#268

Thermoelectric Chiller

Model MLA270XX-DV freestanding thermoelectric liquid chiller offers a dual voltage 115/230 VAC feature. Manufactured by Melcor Corp., the 270 W chiller incorporates several standard features including pump, reservoir, low fluid level detector and detachable power cord. Its solid-state temperature controller can stabilize fluid temperature to within 1°C. Unit is designed to use distilled water or coolant solution.
January/February 2001, RS# 205

Liquid Chiller

Stainless steel sanitary liquid chiller from Chester-Jensen Co. employs a short gas flow design that permits rapid escape of refrigerant gas for minimal pressure drop across the evaporator. Chilling is accomplished while the liquid flows by gravity in a thin film over both sides of one or more corrugated cooling sections.
January/February 2001, RS# 227

Portable Air-Conditioner

Classic Plus 14 is equipped with a digital temperature controller and a two-speed fan to control airflow. Portable air conditioner from MovinCool/Denso Sales California Inc. can be rolled to different locations to provide temporary cooling where needed. Capable of performing effectively in temperatures as high as 115°F (46°C), unit provides 14,000 BTU/hr and plugs into a standard 115 V outlet.
January/February 2001, RS# 267

Spot Cooler

Designed for applications where mist or liquid cooling cannot be used, the adjustable spot cooler from Exair Corp. achieves temperature settings down to -30°F (-34.4°C). Applications include electronic component soldering, heat shrinks, core pins, ultrasonic welding horns, molded and machined plastics, and setting hot melt adhesives. The device uses compressed air as its power source and has no moving parts.
January/February 2001, RS# 269

Walk-In Cooler

Polar-Pak is designed for installation without the need for a refrigeration technician, electrician or plumber. From Kolpak, unit is equipped with a self-contained condensate evaporator, Posi-Loc panel fasteners, brushed chrome hinges and door handle, interior safety release and coved corners to ease cleaning.
January/February 2001, RS# 272

Thermoelectric Chiller

TLC-700 is a compact alternative to conventional recirculating units. Integrated package from TECA includes precise temperature control and external plumbing lines with quick connectors. Chiller is designed for benchtop and portable applications such as laboratory, laser and x-ray.
January/February 2001, RS# 265

Cooler Lock

Barrier system limits access to coolers and freezers. Available in retrofit kit to install on existing doors, unit consists of a three key system. Removable cylinder core allows the barrier system to be master keyed to a plant's current security system. Offered by Nor-Lake Inc., the barrier system includes a cast aluminum handle that is through-bolted for strength.
January/February 2001, RS# 266

Recirculating Chiller

Ultra-Cool provides precise temperature control from -40 to 266°F (-40 to 130°C). Equipment is suited for reaction vessel applications, water cooling replacement and as a dedicated cooler. The standard Kinetics Thermal Systems chiller is air cooled and includes an internal high pressure bypass, but water cooled and deionized water-compatible models can be supplied.
January/February 2001, RS# 281

Thermoelectric Air-Conditioner

Model AAC-145T is designed to protect computers and electronic equipment in industrial applications. Solid-state cooler offered by Electrografics International Corp. is compact and lightweight, and it does not employ a compressor or CFCs. Model is available in NEMA 12, 4X or E Series.
January/February 2001, RS# 273

Fluid Bed Cooler

For dewatering, drying and dedusting, Witte Co. offers a combination unit. Fluid bed cooler is designed to replace a spin dryer in plastics processing. A single unit can be used to perform all necessary functions.
January/February 2001, RS# 286

Enclosure Air Conditioner

Designed to cool electrical enclosures, Vortex Kooler from Rittal Corp. uses compressed air. It is suited for use with small-to-medium sized enclosures where heat loads are less than 2,500 BTU/hr. Unit can cool below ambient temperature and maintain a NEMA 4, 4X or 12 enclosure protection category.
January/February 2001, RS# 274

Heat Exchanger

LC Series from Xchanger Inc. has a three-in-one design to reduce space requirements and installation costs. Ambient cooling air is blown vertically through a three-circuit fin-tube core by a 3 hp motor. Its largest circuit cools 2,000 scfm compressed air at 100 psig from 210 to 120°F (99 to 49°C). The second circuit cools 9 gal/min flow of compressor oil from 160 to 130°F (71 to 54°C). The third circuit is used for superheating nitrogen gas from an evaporator at 120 psig from -200 to 40°F (-128.9 to 4.4°C).
January/February 2001, RS# 275

Rotary Drum Cooler

Designed for use in conjunction with the company's Hydroflow air agitation system, Lyco Manufacturing Inc.'s rotary drum cooler can reduce cooling times during offal cooling.
January/February 2001, RS# 271

Cold Storage Air Cooler

ICH High Profile line has industrial cooling capacities from 3 to 69 tons of refrigeration with airflow rates from 6,640 to 128,450 cfm. Suited for low, medium and high temperature applications, air-cooling unit from Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc. is available with a choice of air, electric, hot gas or water defrost options. Evaporator is designed for 50 and 60 Hz operation with ammonia, halocarbon or glycol/brine applications.
January/February 2001, RS# 276

Walk-In Cooler

Double-cam lock system is gasketed on the interior and exterior edges for a dual, positive seal. Walk-in cooler from Eliason Corp. has a wood frame, tongue-and-groove construction and non-CFC urethane insulation. It employs sectional construction and is offered in 8, 9 and 10' standard heights.
January/February 2001, RS# 270

Process Gas Cooler

Spray cooler is suited for direct contact, evaporative cooling of process gases. Offered by Spray Drying Systems Inc., the cooler functions by mixing the process gas stream with atomized water. As the water evaporates, the process gas is cooled to the desired outlet temperature. The humidified process gas can be used in other equipment such as baghouses without concern about condensation.
January/February 2001, RS# 277

Refrigerated Circulator

Model F25-MD is capable of temperatures from -13 to 392°F (-25 to 200°C). From Julabo USA Inc., the small footprint, benchtop unit combines 300 W of cooling power with a 4-liter bath tank. Remote control operation can be accomplished via RS232 or with free control software.
January/February 2001, RS# 280

Ground Air-Conditioning System

GACS is a cargo container-sized unit for conditioning air to protect electronics and optics from condensation, temperature changes and static electric discharges. From Rowald Refrigeration Systems Inc., the portable system conditions 900 lb/hr of ambient air. Dry bulb temperatures are controlled to I0.5°F.
January/February 2001, RS# 283

Portable Water Evaporator

CSY Series DX has a vented, double-wall construction to prevent fluid cross-contamination. Tube side is 304L stainless steel and can be mechanically cleaned from one end. The epoxy-painted copper shell resists moisture corrosion. From Doucette Industries Inc., standard evaporator includes the mounting frame, insulated cabinet and refrigerant distributor, and capillary tubes in capacities from 0.5 to 15 tons. Multiple refrigerant circuits are available.
January/February 2001, RS# 278

Fluid Bed Cooler

Circular vibratory design on this fluid bed cooler is suited for bulk foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. From Kason Corp., cooler is offered in 18 to 84" dia. configurations. The self-contained, skid-mounted system is provided with a blower, heat exchanger, feed bin and process controls.
January/February 2001, RS# 279

Rack-Mount Chiller

RK-19 provides air-cooled coolant circulation. From Tek-Temp Instruments Inc., chiller uses CFC-free, environmentally friendly refrigeration system with compressor hot discharge gas bypass. Microprocessor controller provides simultaneous display of process temperature, setpoint and cooling status, and the controller's front panel is equipped with a security lock. For computer control and datalogging, a digital communications interface can be added.
January/February 2001, RS# 282

Granular Product Cooler

Rotary indirect and direct cooler processes free-flowing granular products. From FMC Corp., Material Handling Systems Div., Link Belt Roto-Fin, Roto-Louvre and Roto-Shell processor equipment is available in various alloys.
January/February 2001, RS# 284

Cabinet Cooler

Compact unit is designed to prevent overheating of electronics in sealed enclosures and panels. From Noren Products Inc., cooler contains no Freon, requires no maintenance and does not cause condensation. Standard models include NEMA 4, 4X and 12.
January/February 2001, RS# 285