In April, Acme Cryogenics Inc. acquired Chart Industries Inc.'s cryogenic valve product line.

In April, Acme Cryogenics Inc., Allentown, Pa., acquired Columbus, Ohio-based Chart Industries Inc.'s cryogenic valve product line.

Under the terms of the agreement, Acme will manufacture and distribute CVI cryogenic on/off, flow control, globe, y-pattern, liquid helium, vacuum seal off and vented actuated valves and actuators, along with the spare parts at its gas equipment systems facility in Allentown. As part of the transaction, Chart and Acme entered into a long-term supply agreement for Acme to supply valves for Chart's vacuum-insulated piping systems.

Chart and Acme will work together to transfer existing orders and information to facilitate the uninterrupted supply of valves and valve parts to the market. All orders for valves and parts can be directed to Acme Cryogenics at (800) 422-2790, ext. 601, or visit