Shell-and-tube heat exchangers represent one of the most widely used means for heat transfer in industrial process applications. According to the web site for Ketema LP, Grand Prairie, Texas, shell-and-tube heat exchangers frequently are selected for duties such as:

  • Process liquid or gas cooling.

  • Process or refrigerant vapor or steam condensing.

  • Process liquid, steam or refrigerant evaporation.

  • Process heat removal and preheating of feed water.

  • Compressor, turbine and engine cooling, oil and jacket water.

  • Thermal energy conservation efforts and heat recovery.

  • Hydraulic and lube oil cooling.

    Shell-and-tube heat exchangers can transfer large amounts of heat in relatively low cost, serviceable designs. They can provide large amounts of effective tube surface while minimizing the requirements for floor space, liquid volume and weight. Shell-and-tube units come in a range of sizes.

    For more information on shell-and-tube heat exchangers, visit, click on downloads, and then Construction Basics of TEMA Heat Exchangers.