What will you learn from this issue ofProcess Cooling & Equipment?

As I write this commentary, it's back-to-school time. Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year. I love to learn, and autumn always meant a new classroom, new subjects and new school supplies! There is nothing like the empty canvas of a fresh composition notebook ready to be filled with knowledge. I can remember reviewing notes I had scribbled in those composition books, and the "ah-ha" moments I experienced -- something I had not been able to understand suddenly clicked.

My oldest child begins kindergarten this year, and I am excited about all of the possibilities his education holds for him. If you ask him today, he will tell you he wants to be an astronaut so he "can go way up high in the sky!" The reality, though, is that he might be better suited to be a process engineer like the readers of Process Cooling & Equipment. He's the kind of kid who likes to get his hands dirty doing a job, and for a five-year-old, he takes an especially analytical approach!

For those of you still becoming familiar with process cooling equipment (like my son), Terry Wasmund, vice president of sales at HydroThrift Corp., Massillon, Ohio, offers a basics course on dry, evaporative and liquid-to-liquid cooling systems. Look at "Closed-Loop Cooling Systems 101."

When you were in school, did you ever try to take an exam after slacking off on the homework assignments? You wouldn't expect to ace that test, right? The same holds true when specifying, operating and maintaining process cooling equipment. If you pay attention and keep up on the homework assignments, it could pay dividends in increased production and reduced downtime. To learn more, Andre Robin of Andre Robin & Associates, Rancho Cordova, Calif., discusses "How to Get More Out of Your Equipment." Although Robin speaks specifically about spiral freezers, the same general advice can be applied to most equipment.

This issue also offers a primer on V-belts used in compressors. Who better to teach you how to properly select, inspect and match V-belts on your compressor than Earl Schumacher, manager of technical and training information at Vilter Manufacturing Corp., Cudahy, Wis.?

"Pump Up Your Process" offers information about several different types of pumps from myriad manufacturers. Check the homepage for this roundup.

And, you don't want to miss "Exchanger Interchange." This Cooling Capabilities Chart offers a side-by-side comparison of heat exchanger manufacturers to help you narrow your choices when shopping for an exchanger.