What security measures has your company taken to secure your site? Get some ideas here.

In his State of the Union address at the end of January, President George W. Bush more than touched on the effects that September 11, 2001, have had on America. I paid special attention to the part of his speech that said his budget nearly doubles funding for a sustained strategy of homeland security. "Homeland security will make America not only stronger, but, in many ways, better," he says.

As members of the processing industry, we know that it isn't only the government budget that has doubled when it comes to security. Whether protecting our food processing facility or our ammonia refrigeration plant, there are measures that need to be taken to ensure the security of our companies, our product and our neighbors. Often, these safety and security measures come with a hefty price tag, which might make it difficult for some companies to partake in the effort - especially during the current economic struggle.

If you haven't implemented security measures at your company yet, you might want to check out the web sites listed below. It is important to know what regulations and standards are set forth for all to follow. And, you might find some way to beef up security without having to shell out a lot of greenbacks.

www.ansi.org www.osha.gov
www.fda.gov www.foodsafety.gov

If you have a security plan in place already, take a gander at the above listed sites anyway. New information is posted regularly, and you might find a unique and efficient technique to carry out site security.

Ensuring that our facilities are safe and secure inexorably is a way to make our homeland stronger and better.

Your feedback always is appreciated. Drop me a line explaining what measures your company has taken (particularly since September 11, 2001) to secure your site.