Refrigeration Solutions Inc.'s Thermo-Cube has become the first product to achieve certification to NSF Protocol 235 covering temperature-mimicking sensors. P235 verifies to regulators that food temperatures are being monitored effectively, accurately and consistently. Maintaining safe temperature levels in food can prevent foodborne illnesses.

NSF, a nonprofit public health and safety company in Ann Arbor, Mich., developed P235 as the first comprehensive protocol for temperature-mimicking sensors or separate non-invasive devices consisting of a food-simulant material and a temperature-measuring device. P235 covers sanitation and performance requirements for the materials, design and construction of temperature-mimicking devices, which are intended for use in processing plants, refrigerated trucks, storage refrigerators, display refrigerators and residential refrigerators. Temperature-monitoring sensors constantly monitor product temperature and provide advance warning when the temperature is about to exceed the safe values.

Refrigeration Solutions helped establish higher standards to ensure that food remains at proper temperatures, said Gordon Bellen, NSF vice president of research. "The NSF mark on temperature-mimicking devices will verify to regulatory officials that food temperatures are being monitored accurately," he said.