Roderic R. Fink of Acme Cryogenics, left, announces the acquisition of Quality Cryogenics with former owners Tricia and Larry Scheffler.

Pipe manufacturer Acme Cryogenics, Lehigh Valley, Pa., has acquired Quality Cryogenics, Jasper, Ga., which will allow Acme entrance into the liquid cryogenic cylinder repair business.

Acme specializes in cryogenic tank and trailer rehab, industrial gas distribution equipment, specialty gas equipment, gas blenders and other preengineered and custom-designed solutions for cryogenic, industrial, medical and electronic applications.

Operating since 1992, "Quality Cryogenics has become well known for its quick service and exceptional quality. We don't plan to change a thing," said Roderic R. Fink, Acme's CEO. "We plan to continue operating under the Quality Cryogenics name."

Larry and Tricia Scheffler, Quality's founders, will manage the business, he said. The acquisition will enable 31-year-old Acme to expand its geographic base and product offerings.