The next seminar will be held in the company's Burr Ridge facility on November 11-12.

Hansen Technologies Corp., Burr Ridge, Ill., offers a two-day training seminar that is tailored to help attendees discover refrigeration system solutions; focus on service and maintenance issues; find answers to operational questions; master valve selection and sizing; and learn about new products.

The company manufactures components for industrial refrigeration systems, including control valves, shut-off valves, pressure-relief valves, pumps, air purgers, defrost level controls and other components.

At a session held in May, attendees were given an in-depth plant tour, which included visits to all of Hansen's assembly stations. At each step of the manufacturing process, parts and products are tested to ensure 100 percent quality. Parts are inspected as they come in and rejected if specifications and quality are not met. If they meet Hansen's criteria, they move on to the manufacturing stages.

Hansen partners with machining plants, so all parts arrive at Hansen ready for inspection and assembly.

In addition to the plant tour, the May session also offered classroom time to learn about the types, functions, sizing and selection of control valves as well as their service and maintenance requirements.

The afternoon of the first day boasted a lesson on the company's Auto-Purger -- how it is assembled and tested -- and the assembly, operation and service of capacitance probes.

Day 2 focused on the selection of relief valves and their applications, code requirements and pipe sizing. Designing, servicing and maintaining refrigerant pumps and a short presentation on sealed motor valves wrapped up the second day of the session.

The next seminar will be held in the Burr Ridge facility on November 11-12. For more information, visit or call (800) 426-7368.