The Next Generation for Fiberglass or Concrete Cooling Tower Structures

High performance ceramic (HPC) fill, now offered by Tower Engineering Inc., (TEI) is the next generation of permanent ceramic fill material. Expected to replace traditional block tile, HPC provides several advantages over conventional ceramic-block tile fill:

  • Increased Thermal Efficiency

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Lighter Weight

  • Reduced Installation Cost

HPC survives total freeze-up, is fireproof and fabricated in modular fill sheets for easy installation. Over the operating life of the cooling tower, HPC fill maintains a substantially higher level of performance compared to traditional ceramic block tile. With thermal efficiency remaining at a predictable level, users can eliminate the worry of reduced effectiveness that affects production efficiency.

TEI constructs and installs concrete and fiberglass cooling towers, working closely with clients to address architectural/aesthetic requirements and performance/efficiency. Computerized programs evaluate the best tower for each customer, based on sizing, horsepower, dimensions and price. All clients receive detailed tower specs, drawings that show loads and critical dimensions, economic evaluations, sound-level data and performance curves, as required for each application.

Renovation or upgrade of existing fiberglass cooling towers is another TEI specialty, in which technicians replace inefficient internal materials with innovative, highly efficient components.

For more than 20 years, TEI has been building counter-flow induced-draft cooling towers designed to accept custom-engineered internal components. The towers are ideally suited to industries with critical cooling water requirements, dirty water applications and high or low operating temperatures. TEI serves dozens of markets worldwide, including:

  • Steel Mills

  • Petroleum

  • Paper and Pulp

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Process Plants

  • Power Industry

  • Schools and Universities

Cooling Towers from TEI contain non-corrosive water distribution systems and high-temperature permanent-construction materials that do not require fire protection systems or controls.

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