When it comes to designing anything world class, it is all in the details, says senior editor Sharon Spielman.

As I write this issue's Commentary page, it is a couple weeks before Christmas, a holiday we celebrate to the fullest in our home. So much hard work and so many details go into preparing our home for the occasion, but the results are top-notch by the time we are through! When it comes to designing anything world class, it is all in the details. Just ask Charles R. Taylor, P.E., senior vice president of the Stellar Group, Jacksonville, Fla. Taylor examines three specific areas to address when designing a world-class refrigeration system: safety, quality control during construction, and insulation.

We have some other world-class stories for you in this issue as well. Carnie B. Marsh, sales manager at Paul Mueller Co., Springfield, Mo., talks about heat exchangers for liquid chiller applications. Marsh notes that understanding the thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids -- combined with simple calculations to define a specific heat transfer problem -- will help you select the appropriate heat exchanger for your liquid chiller application.

As most of you know, refrigeration applications can be demanding for rotating equipment. Doug Szandrocha, product manager at Howden Compressors, Plymouth Meeting, Pa., explains why evaluating compressor components such as drive train capability, pressure containment ability, serviceability and process compatibility is important when designing and specifying a screw compressor for your process cooling application.

And, you don't want to miss how better filtration in a large ammonia refrigeration system boosted efficiency and cut costs for one ice maker .

Finally, if you are in the market for a cooling tower, we have compiled a product roundup that offers you the basics on several different types and styles.

You will have to excuse me now; I have a few more details to take care of before the holidays. And by the time you read this, happy New Year!

Sharon Spielman
Senior Editor