Cooling Tower Resources (CTR), Healdsburg, Calif., has made many new changes within the company to maintain a better relationship with its customers. During the beginning of the summer, CTR updated its equipment with the additions of new multifunction boring equipment and high-speed saws. According to CTR, these purchases will allow the company to triple its automated production capabilities.

The company also has added two new hires. Brad Pirrung is CTR's new business development officer. Pirrung will be responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and will be the liaison for communication between customers and the company's fabrication facilities and services. Rex Klukis has also joined the CTR team, taking charge of CTR's new service facility in Texas City, Texas. The new facility will stock lumber, plywood, fiberglass, V-beams and hardware for the Gulf Coast states and the East. The facility will be open on September 1.

Finally, CTR has launched its new website, which is located at