Choosing a heat exchanger can be a tedious ad sometimes difficult task, butProcess Cooling & Equipmentcan make the selection easier for you. This month's Product Roundup focuses on heat exchangers and the criteria that is important to your needs. The bullet chart provides company names and the type of heat exchangers they manufacture. You can select by criteria such as construction, materials of construction, medium processed, heat transfer method and industry served.

Once you have found heat exchanger manufacturers that offer products to meet your needs, you can easily get more details. Circle the manufacturer's number (found in the last column) on the Reader Action Card and mail it in. Manufacturers will send you information free of charge. However, if you need to speak to a manufacturer immediately, call fax or e-mail to get the contact information for the manufacturers you want: (847) 297-3484; fax (847) 297-8371; or e-mail

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