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Thermodynamic control of processing applications is essential to ensure product uniformity, dimensional and structural integrity and desired surface finish. The most common equipment used to control temperature in process applications is a liquid-circulating temperature control system. In other words, a chiller.

To simplify chiller selection, Process Cooling & Equipment's Cooling Capabilities bullet chart provides company names and a selection of models they offer. Each model can be cross-referenced by criteria such as industries served, tonnage and construction materials. An online search tool is available at The online version of Cooling Capabilities includes advanced search options.

To obtain further details on a specific chiller model or manufacturer, circle the applicable manufacturer's number on the Reader Action Card and submit by mail. Information will be provided free of charge directly from the manufacturer.

To speak to a manufacturer immediately, call, fax or e-mail editor Linda Becker to get direct contact information: (847) 297-3794; fax (847) 297-8371; or e-mail