Advertisers in the March, 2001 issue ofProcess Cooling & Equipmentare featured in a special online products roundup.


GfG-Dynamation provides diverse solutions for your gas detection needs. Offering a product range of portable, fixed and respiratory airline gas monitors, we detect many industrial gases and vapors including combustibles, O2, CO, H2S, CO2 and many more. GfG-Dynamation provides you with uncompromising safety, reliability and convenience in the workplace.
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WTT America Inc.

WTT America Inc. offers brazed plate heat exchangers, 316L plates and connections with either nickel or copper brazing. Applications include: HVAC, Hydraulic, Process, Industrial, Petro-Chemical, Semi-Conductor and more. OEM direct sales. The most advanced and efficient technology - WTT America Inc.
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Amarillo Gear

Amarillo Gear designs and manufactures gear drives for fan operation in industrial cooling towers, HVAC systems and finned-tub heat exchangers. Gear drives available for new or direct retrofit applications. Amarillo Gear is the leader in geared fan drives, offering the largest selection of models and ratios to fit any application.
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Fluid Industrial Systems

Fluid Industrial Systems' heat transfer devices are custom designed, engineered, manufactured and installed to meet customer's requirements. Each chiller and heat exchange unit is tailor made and built entirely from scratch. We will design efficient, reliable, technologically-advanced and cost effective solutions for your most complicated applications.
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Redi Controls Inc.

Redi-Purge microprocessor controlled, near "Zero Loss" purger reduces purge loss to mere ounces per year. ARI Certified high efficiency purge for centrifugal chiller (R-11, 123 and 113) applications. Caution: Before purchasing a high efficiency purge unit, demand ARI Certification of Manufacturer's efficiency claims!
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Mokon's Iceman Micro Series Chiller is a compact, tabletop size portable chiller designed for small capacity process cooling applications. The chiller can be customized to fit space limiting configurations. Fractional cooling capacities of 1/4 ton (3,000 BTU's) and 1/3 ton (4,000 BTU's) are offered in air and water-cooled condensing.
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FPW55-SP - circulator is ideal for large jacketed reactors. -60°CÉ+150°C is what you get with it's extended temperature range option. Add JULABO's HST Booster Heater and get 6000 watts of heating power instead of 2000 watts of standard heating, to compliment the 5500 watts of cooling power. Measure and control external reactor temperature with external Pt100 remote sensor.
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Orival Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filters remove micron-size suspended solids, independent of specific gravity, from water in once through and recirculating systems, such as cooling, process, reclaim, effluent, intake and wash waters. Single filters handle flow rates to 5000 GPM; units can be banked to handle unlimited flows. Automatic self-cleaning cycle is line pressure powered, takes only seconds and does not interrupt system flow.
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Caron Products and Services Inc.

Caron has provided high quality temperature control solutions since 1985. Standard products include general purpose chillers, environmental test chambers and bath/circulators. Caron also offers complete design, manufacturing and technical service for custom and OEM applications.
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Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

Colmac Coil manufactures a full range of 1" I.D. integral finned aluminum tube heat pipe heat exchangers for the commercial and industrial markets. Heat recovery options include tilt or face-and-bypass for temperature and frost control, in-line (wrap around) configuration for enhanced dehumidification, and indirect evaporative cooling.
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FES Systems Inc.

Since 1949, FES has been a technology leader in the industrial refrigeration market, providing custom and standard designs to accommodate most applications. FES' G Series hosts a variety of compressor and package features. A unique rotor profile provides improved efficiency and reduced noise generation, plus a service-friendly design allows quick and easy maintenance.
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Vaisala Inc.

Vaisala introduces AMT100 Ammonia detectors featuring Ammonicap, the new polymer sensor technology. Being highly specific to ammonia, the AMT100 reduces false alarms and offers a wide humidity rant (-0 to 100% noncondensing) and temperature (-40 to +60°C) range. Other features include: a service button for easy local shutoff, an interchangeable probe for minimum downtime, fast response and recovery time and long term stability.
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Swep NA Inc.

The new DV47 and DV57 compact brazed heat exchangers from Swep offer true dual-circuit flexibility. The user can choose to run either of the two refrigerant circuits - or both - and still get full heat transfer, due to each refrigerant circuit being in contact with all water channels.
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Delta T Systems Inc.

Delta T Systems Inc is a manufacturer of chilling and heating temperature control equipment. Chillers are available from 2 tons, in water- and air-cooled configurations. Portable and central chillers are available. Water and oil heating systems are offered in both compact and upright designs. The company also specializes in custom engineered cooling and heating systems.
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Automatic Filters Inc.

Tekleen filters save money that is spent everyday on cleaning spray nozzles and replacing screens, bags, cartridges and sand media the hard way. our filters save up to 90% of rinse water. Rinsing lasts 5 seconds and uses less than 2 gallons of water without interrupting the main flow.
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ITW Vortec

Innovative compressed air products include vortex tubes and cold air guns for spot cooling of dry machining operations, enclosure coolers for electrical panels, vacuuming products for scrap and dust removal, vacuum pumps and plant maintenance products, blowoff nozzles and jets.
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K-O Concepts Inc.

K-O Concepts manufactures custom and standard recirculating water chillers for OEM, industrial and scientific applications. Features include compact size, rack-mounting, and refrigerated and nonrefrigerated water cooling. Air conditions are offered for precision temperature control of cabinets and enclosures. Refrigerated cold plate coolers are offered for heat sink applications. Deionized water quality monitors are manufactured with multiple quality settings.
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Refrigeration Technology Inc.

The RTI Super Stat is the ultimate controller for temperature and humidity applications. Our Super Stat is an accurate, easy to use, electronic thermostat designed to program in minutes for heating or cooling, or both simultaneously. Other features include high/low alarms, EEPROM memory backup, PC option and min/max temperature memory.
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Heatcraft Commercial Products

Fluid coils provide service in corrosive air side environments or systems using brine type cooling fluids or systems. The 5/8" O.D. evaporator coils are manufactured for direct expansion or liquid pump over-feed applications. Coils are designed and manufactured for current and CFC- replacement refrigerants as well as for ammonia use. Coils have all welded construction.
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Miller-Leaman Inc.

Miller-Leaman Inc. is the manufacturer of the Thompson Strainer and the Turbo-Disc Filter. Both products are used to filter sediment, particulate, cottonwood seed and other contaminants from recirculating process cooling water. The products are appropriate for use on chilled water and cooling tower water applications.Visit Miller-Leaman Inc.. at

First Choice Chillers Inc.

First Choice Chillers Inc. manufactures top-of-the-line portable chillers priced lower than our competitors, and we back this up with the best warranty available today: 5 years on the compressor and 2 years on parts. Our models range from 1 ton through to 25 ton in air, water and remote condenser air cooled. Standard benefits consist of 12 gal. stainless steel welded base frame, stainless steel pump, tank and brazed plate chiller vessel.Visit First Choice Chillers Inc. at

Paul Mueller Co.

Water chillers are available for industrial/process industries. Chiller capabilities are suited for virtually any size application. Specializing in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy and industrial process cooling. Designed to cool fluids to within 2°F of freezing point. ISO9001 approved. Paul Mueller Co. has over 50 years experience and can meet your application needs. Call 1 (800) Mueller.
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Cooling Technology Inc.

Born to Cool. Cooling Technology offers a complete line of portable and central chilled water systems that are available in either water or air-cooled models from 1 to +300 tons. Our experienced staff can design and fabricate equipment to your specific requirements while providing installation services for a complete turnkey solution.
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Pfannenberg: providing quality thermal management products to industry for 50 years. Our U.S. catalog highlights an extensive line of AC units and Filterfans for electronic enclosures. Our website contains the technical information required to support our products including complete (.dxf) files. Feel free to download our Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).
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Delta Cooling Towers Inc.

Delta Cooling Towers manufactures corrosion-proof cooling towers to handle flows from 15 to 2,400 gal/min in single modules. Engineered plastic one-piece molding provides a leak proof tower that will not corrode, rust, rot or ever need additional protective coatings. Tower is backed by a 15-year warranty.
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Zarsky Industries Inc.

Established in 1980, Zarsky Industries has been designing and manufacturing standard and specialty water chillers for more than 19 years. In addition to portable water chillers, the company also supplies stationary units manufactured by a producer of air- and water-cooled chillers and air conditioning equipment.
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Valve & Filter Corp.

Valve & Filter Corp. manufactures and distributes automatic water filters, centrifugal filters, flow meters and control valves suited for all types of industry. Filters include the VAF2000 series self-cleaning water filters for systems to 8,000 gal/min and up. Custom configurations, special materials and ASME code stamps are available.
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Tek-Temp Instruments Inc.

Tek-Temp Instruments Inc. provides recirculating chiller solutions for a wide range of custom applications. Chillers are designed for years of trouble-free operation.
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Thermax Inc.

For 28 years, Thermax has remained focused on designing and building cryogenic liquefied gas vaporizers, heat exchangers and thermal systems with more than 12,000 units in service worldwide. Thermax has a broad product line and manufacturing, sales and servicing capability in North America, Europe and Australia.
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Remcor manufactures reliable chillers that provide clean, cool fluid at a constant temperature, pressure and flow. Put Remcor's 40 years of refrigeration engineering experience to work for you.
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ProChemTech International Inc.

ProChemTech International is a nationwide supplier of systems, equipment and chemical products for treatment, reuse and recycle of boiler, cooling and wastewaters. The company manufactures equipment, systems and a complete line of proprietary chemical products.
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PolyScience's new Safety Mate is an electronic device that adds protection/monitoring/switching to any systems and provides you with an extra level of safety and control for industrial equipment, pumps and heating/cooling applications. Add and additional safety control switch, such as a slow switch, temperature limit and/or pressure switch to virtually any process. This small instrument also provides remote on/off monitoring and switching capabilities.
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Neslab Instruments Inc.

Neslab designs and manufactures high quality liquid temperature equipment such as the Merlin Series of recirculating chillers and water-to-water heat exchangers. NESLAB has supplied temperature control equipment since 1963 and maintains sales/service offices worldwide. The company offers a range of cooling solutions for applications such as industrial lasers, EDM, plastics, plating, packaging, machine tools and welding.
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H.A. Phillips Co.

H.A. Phillips & Co. is a supplier and manufacturer of industrial refrigeration pressure vessels, modulating liquid level vales, automatic control valves, and electronic and mechanical controls. No other industrial refrigeration manufacturer offers a comparable range of products.
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GCI Industrial Refrigeration

GCI is a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment, including Icewagon liquid chillers for process control applications. Company philosophy is to provide customers with high quality equipment at competitive prices. GCI has three complete lines of package chillers to handle virtually any cooling application to 80 tons capacity.
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Dry Coolers Inc.

Company manufactures closed-loop cooling systems including air-cooled heat exchangers, evaporative cooling towers and process chillers. Complete package includes skid-mounted pumping stations, electrical control panels and ancillary equipment.
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Crowley Co. Inc.

Crowley Co.'s 8W Multi-Wing fans are designed specifically for cooling applications that demand large volumes at low speed. Fans are available in a range of diameters and blade configurations with cast aluminum hubs, inch or metric bores, broad fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades and a range of seven pitch settings.
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Berg Chilling Systems Inc.

Berg Chilling Systems introduced a new line of packaged chilling machines with advanced microprocessor controls and flexibility in design for customer specific applications. Units are available for indoor applications using air or water cooling or remote air-cooled condensers. Standard models range in capacity from 20 to 80 tons. Custom units can be built for higher capacities.
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Advantage Engineering Inc.

Company manufactures process water cooling equipment, including portable chillers, central chillers, cooling towers and water and oil fluid circulating temperature control units.
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Industrial Cooling Tower Services Inc.

Industrial Cooling Tower Services Inc. sets new industry standards with the Vari-Flow Series traveling sump screens and distribution valves. Exchanger reliability and production incentives abound. Cooling tower fans, drive shafts, cooling tower components and services available. Phone: (225) 261-3180; Fax (225) 261-3189.

Puckorius & Associates Inc.

Puckorius & Associates specializes in unbiased cooling water consulting services to all industries. Audits, troubleshooting, training, cost savings and practical recommendations to all clients. In-depth workshops are held throughout the U.S. for Cooling Water, Water Conservation Reuse, Cooling Water/Bio-Corrosion, Legionella, and Ozone; custom designed workshops also offered. Comprehensive training manuals also are available on the same workshop topics.
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Mokon Division, Protective Closures Co. Inc.

Iceman SC Series portable chiller features scroll compressor with over 50% fewer moving parts than standard reciprocating compressors, increasing efficiencies and lowering sound levels. Unique compressor design is more tolerant to liquid refrigerant. Hot gas bypass control allows smooth continuous operation of compressor at higher efficiency levels. End result is longer system life and lower operating costs.
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Sentry Equipment Corp.

Sentry spiral tube heat exchangers consist of two manifolds joined by a variable number of parallel tubes based on duty requirements. The assembly is then coiled into a spiral or scroll. When the tube bundle is inserted into the shell, two fluid paths are created for full counter flow heat transfer.
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Turbo Refrigerating

Turbo Refrigerating introduces its new uChiller, Turbo's most cost effective uninsulated HTD/HF liquid heat exchanger. It can be applied to industrial systems of chilling circulating water, beverages, juices, syrup, chemicals and process liquids.
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Valve And Filter Corp.

We engineer, design and manufacture automatic self-cleaning filters. 100% U.S. made, the automatic filter has a short automatic backflush cycle that lasts only 8 to 15 seconds. Filtration down to 15 microns. Flow capabilities to 5,000 gpm and up. ASME pressure vessel code stamping available.
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