BTU Source, Atlanta, entered into a technology agreement with Motorola OEM Embedded Modules Group, Elk Grove Village, Ill., to provide advanced wireless data communications technology for BTU Source's patent pending Thermal Energy Billing System to be released this summer.

Jackson Ball, president of BTU Source, says that Thermal Energy Real-time Monitor (THERM) offers the ability to remotely sense, view, manage and sell the real-time thermal energy production of a device or entire process cooling system as a viable alternative to buying or leasing the equipment.

The system works with heating or cooling systems. "Our partnership with Motorola and the standardization of its advanced data-communications capabilities gives us worldwide coverage and the highly scalable and secure communications infrastructure required for this undertaking," Ball says.

Manufacturers of larger process cooling systems such as Freeze-Co Systems,Toronto, Ont., have expressed interest in participating with customers in jointly exploring the use of this technology. According to Ball, the demand for this technology is being driven by customer desires to move away from an asset base with fixed costs, amortization accounting and non-core competencies to a more agile, variable-expensed, service-oriented base that tracks with demand, production, product lifecycles and seasons.

"Customers no longer want the cow, just the milk. Wrapping wireless services and secure web-based applications around physical devices in a process cooling system enables these to become reality," says Ball.

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