A third-party logistics and freezer storage company specializing in seafood products plans to spend $2.3 million on a new freezer warehouse.

Preferred Freezer Services, Jersey City, N.J., completed the deal for its Newark, N.J. facility with FKI Logistex, Marietta, Ga., an integrated material-handling solutions company. The contract covers an all-electric Condor aisle-changing crane system. This is the seventh contract between the two firms.

"We firmly believe our Condor sites are more profitable than our other sites that use competing technology," says John Galiher, Preferred Freezer's president and CEO. "When compared to hydraulic-based systems, the all-electric Condors offer more uptime, fewer maintenance requirements and more efficient power usage," and do not require a battery changing area, which frees up additional floor space.

The Newark site will be the company's largest storage warehouse, with 201,200 ft2 of floor space and a building 60' high. It will contain a 51' high racking system encompassing 26 aisles, each 300' long. The plant's commissioning date is November 2005.

For more information, contact FKI at (314) 993-4700 or visit www. fkilogistex.com.