News briefs on industrial process cooling equipment suppliers

AMCOT COOLING TOWER has relocated to 350 N. Ponderosa Ave., Ontario, Calif., 91761; phone (909) 390-2598; fax (909) 390-1098.

HONEYWELL, Morris Township, N.J., has settled out of court with a U.S. company that imported and sold refrigerant products that infringed on Honeywell patents. Details of the settlement, which includes the amount of the payment to Honeywell and the name of the infringer, were not disclosed. According to Honeywell, the settled case involved R-404A and R-408A, among other refrigerant products, that the infringer received from a foreign broker. The broker claimed to have licenses for these products, but did not. "In this particular case, the company was a victim of misrepresentation," said DAVID METCALF, marketing manager for Honeywell GENETRON refrigerants. "Therefore, we decided not to publicly disclose its identity."

DANFOSS employees worldwide have collaborated to help victims of the tsunami that devastated the Asian coast, and with the help of a newly established Danfoss program, their donations have increased twofold. The FABRIKANT MADS CLAUSEN FOUNDATION will match all contributions. Danfoss, headquartered in Baltimore in the Americas, also donated three systems to convert seawater to drinking water, and used one of its private aircraft to help in the initial rescue. Danfoss is a supplier of products and solutions in industrial refrigeration.

UNIVERSAL FLOW MONITORS INC., Hazel Park, Mich., has launched, which focuses on flow meter technologies. The site offers "live" help services for immediate two-way communication with a flow meter expert, and a co-browser function for site navigation. Other features include links to flow-calculation information and flow-industry consultants, flow-meter finder and technical support functions, and an online service for ordering.

SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING DIV., Fort Wayne, Ind., is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Started in 1964 by CHARLES AND GLORIA SANDERSON, Superior serves the nonchemical water treatment industry and manufactures the Superior Water Conditioner, a patented system that controls the formation of scale deposition and corrosion.