Tranter PHE Inc., Wichita Falls, Texas, has opened a service facility in Farmersville, Ill. The Midwest Service Center offers comprehensive in-shop and on-site service on most brands of plate-and-frame heat exchangers.

Located on Interstate 55 between St. Louis and Springfield, Ill., the center's in-shop operation carries out plate-pack refurbishment or replacement, regasketing and plate cleaning services, and frame refurbishment. On-site service coverage encompasses Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, North and South Dakota, western Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Kansas, eastern Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Several levels of heat exchanger service are available, ranging from chemical clean-in-place work to complete unit disassembly and rebuilding. In-shop plate pack refurbishment services involve pressure washing and chemical cleaning of plates. Plates are die penetrant-tested to check for defects or pinholes. Following regasketing with OEM gaskets matched via the nameplate database, platepacks are sequentially numbered for error-free field reassembly. In-shop entire-unit refurbishment includes frame repair (sandblasting and repainting), assembly and frame closure to precise factory specifications, followed by hydrotesting of the unit.

Performance testing of various heat exchanger models is available to affirm process compatibility under changing conditions. On-site plate pack refurbishment includes pressure washing of plates, visual plate inspection, checking and replacing gaskets as needed and closing the unit. All work is covered by a one-year warranty on new parts.

For more information, call (217) 227-3470.