Central Cold Storage, Castroville, CA, has awarded Onsite Energy Corp., Carlsbad, CA, an energy efficiency project. More than $70,000 in annual energy savings are expected. Onsite will receive a portion of the energy savings over three years.

This is the second energy efficiency project at Central Cold Storage, which processes, packages and stores frozen fruit and vegetables. The completed energy efficiency project included:

  • Installation of energy-efficient vestibule air-lock freezer doors.
  • Conversion of floor heating to hot gas by installing a heat exchanger to supply heat from compressed refrigerant vapor.
  • Installation of autopurge system designed to optimize condenser performance.
  • Installation of refrigeration energy management and control system to implement optimum compressor sequencing, suction pressure setbacks and optimize system head pressure.
  • Addition of a larger condenser.
  • Installation of state-mandated monitoring equipment.

More than $100,000 in incentives has been reserved to offset project costs.