Cooling Technolog Institute celebrated its 50th anniversary at its 2000 annual conference.

The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) celebrated its 50th anniversary during its 2000 annual conference, held January 31-February 2 in Houston. Numerous technical papers, committee meetings and an eight-hour educational seminar focusing on safety were provided. The conference also included a luncheon for owner-operators, new member breakfast, theme dinner, activities for spouses and attendees, and a hospitality suite.

Technical papers were presented on topics such as cooling tower design features, nonchemical water treatment, thermal performance testing, safe construction of field-erected towers, round hybrid towers and advances in high alkaline water treatment. Also, committees met and discussed engineering standards and maintenance, cooling tower performance and technology, and water treating. An all-day educational seminar on safety provided brief overviews on job safety process, safety statistics, personal protective equipment, fall protection, mechanical access, lockout/tagout and confined space entry, water treatment chemicals, cooling tower materials, and emergency response and rescue.

All papers and presentations were well attended and received by conference attendees. CTI's message of member involvement also appeared well received as attendees volunteered their time and efforts towards numerous committee objectives.

CTI's 2000 board of directors was introduced to attendees during the conference. It includes Anthony DePalma, director, Tower Performance Inc.; Jim Cuchens, president, Southern Company Services Inc.; Toby Daley, treasurer, Ceramic Cooling Tower Corp.; Earl Martin, director, First Energy Corp.; Mike Trulear, director, ChemTreat Inc.; Dave Stackhouse, director, Kinder Morgan Power Co.; William Wurtz, secretary, Hamon Cooling Towers; Rich Aull, director, Brentwood Industries Inc.; and Glenn Rees, vice president, All-Pro Fasteners.

CTI 2001 is scheduled for February 25-28 in Corpus Christi, TX. For more information, call (281) 583-4087 or visit