Cooling towers are available in all shapes, sizes and designs. Whether you are searching for an induced-draft or fiberglass tower, our roundup can help you find it.

Cooling towers are available in all shapes, sizes and designs, but all towers use a combination of heat and mass transfer to cool process water. Those with fans are considered mechanical draft towers. Most towers are designed as wet cooling towers, but occasionally a tower is designed to operate as a wet-dry unit. A wet-dry unit adds heat to the airflow prior to discharge through the fan stack.

The difference between a crossflow and counterflow tower is determined by the relationship of air and water flow inside the tower. In counterflow towers, water falls over the heat exchanger media and air passes vertically upward. In crossflow towers, water falls vertically over the heat exchanger media while air flows horizontally.

Each of these tower designs is included in Process Cooling & Equipment's September/October product roundup. Whether you are searching for an induced draft, forced draft, counterflow or crossflow tower, our roundup can help you find it. For more information on any of the towers included in this roundup, mark the corresponding number on the online Reader Action form and submit it.

Pre-Engineered Cooling Tower

Field-erected, pre-engineered cooling tower can be constructed from wood and fiberglass with film or splash fill. The design concept fromHamon Cooling Towers allows basin loads and general layouts to be issued with original proposals, resulting in a tower completion of eight weeks. Tower capacities range from 2,000 to 25,000 gal/min.
September/October 2000, RS# 287

Counterflow Cooling Tower

Class 400 is designed with a low pump head, high performance fill and high efficiency fans. Tower cells are available from 1,300 to 30,000 gal/min. From Marley Cooling Tower, Series W400 towers are available in treated Douglas fir or redwood. Series F400 towers utilize pultruded fiberglass composite structural components to produce an engineered framework.
September/October 2000, RS# 285

Evaporative Cooling Tower

Power Tower from Advantage Engineering has a fiberglass shell, PVC fill, stationary ABS spray nozzles and stainless steel motor-support structure. A TEFC motor suitable for exposure to a wet airstream is close coupled to the nonferrous fan assembly. The tower is available in nominal 45, 80, 105, 135, 170, 210, 405 and 540 ton sizes with a structural steel base. Models with 170 to 540 tons have multiple fans that can be staged to match cooling capacity to cooling load.
September/October 2000, RS# 275

Low Maintenance Cooling Tower

Heavy-duty tower has extra-thick fiberglass, heavy-duty components and stainless steel internal framing and hardware. Offered in single- and dual-cell designs, tower is fully assembled and ready for installation. Structural steel base with welded-in-place pipe connections is standard. Casing gel coat contains a UV inhibitor to eliminate deterioration and pigment fade. Tower has quiet, low speed propeller fan that uses low horsepower without belts or gear reducers. From Berg Chilling Systems Inc., the unit contains a one-piece water distributor with no moving parts and employs a nonclogging design.
September/October 2000, RS# 274

Fiberglass Cooling Tower

FC Series from Thermal Care Inc.has a fiberglass casing and a single-piece basin. The tower is assembled with stainless steel nuts and bolts and is fabricated with a stainless steel fan/motor support. Internal fiberglass supports PVC piping and fill.
September/October 2000, RS# 271

Forced- or Induced Draft Tower

Metal and fiberglass cooling towers designed and manufactured by AWS Inc. can be forced or induced draft. Pump tank stations up to 6,500 gal. are equipped with single- or dual-circuits with standby pumps and manifolds. Electrical motor panels are supplied.
September/October 2000, RS#288

Galvanized Steel Frame Tower

Series 3000/JE Premier Series has a large plenum with optional service platforms; large, low access doors; sloped cold water basin; and elevated fill material. The tower from Baltimore Aircoil Co. has galvanized steel frame construction with fiberglass reinforced polyester casing panels. Alternate materials are available to increase the unit's life cycle, and the tower is offered with Baltibond corrosion protection system.
September/October 2000, RS# 277

Induced-Draft Cooling Tower

A seamless, corrosion-proof tower, Premier from Delta Cooling Towers Inc. has 500 tons of cooling capacity and cools up to 2,000 gal/min per module. Unit is shipped factory complete so the installer only needs to hook up electrical and water. Tower does not need joint gasketing, sealing compounds or fasteners.
September/October 2000, RS# 278

Packaged Cooling System

Closed loop systems from Industrial Heat Recovery Equipment can include a new cooling tower or connect to existing tower piping. Process equipment is protected from corrosion without having to resort to refrigeration.
September/October 2000, RS# 270

Fiberglass Cooling Tower System

Complete fiberglass-reinforced polyester cooling tower systems and accessories from Cooling Tower Systems Inc. is offered in five models with 3 to 1,500 nominal ton capacities (single-cell). Replacement fill packs are available for all-round cooling towers.
September/October 2000, RS# 273

Counterflow Induced-Draft Tower

A stand-alone, factory-assembled, stainless steel cooling tower, SST is designed for outdoor use in a range of water-cooled systems serving chillers, heat exchangers and industrial processes. From Evapco Inc., the tower is constructed from corrosion-free materials and is available in 230 models and 27 cross-sections with a CTI-certified capacity range from 109 to 3,012 nominal tons. Standard construction includes Type 304 stainless steel basin, outlet strainers, framework, casing support and fan cowl.
September/October 2000, RS#281

Modular Cooling Tower

Designed for the utility market, tower uses polymer-based components inside the wetted area, so blowdown metal permits are no longer a problem. Should a power plant require less cooling at a later date, the heavy-duty, noncorrosive module from Tower Tech can be relocated to a different cogeneration facility, inventoried for emergencies or used as a helper for existing underperforming towers.
September/October 2000, RS# 283

Counterflow Induced-Draft Tower

Model ST from Amcot Cooling Tower Corp. has noncorrosive fiberglass-reinforced polyester casing and basin sections and is available from five to 1,500 single-cell types. Options include low noise design, wood fill and stainless steel kits. Tower is backed by a 10-year fiberglass-reinforced polyester warranty.
September/October 2000, RS# 282

Fiberglass Tower

From Protec Cooling Towers Inc., round tower is corrosion resistant; nuts and bolts are stainless steel, and internal piping is made from PVC. A 360° air inlet provides low air resistance and uses less motor horsepower. Designed for long life and energy efficiency, tower is available with capacities from three to 1,000 tons (single-cell) and can be factory assembled.
September/October 2000, RS# 286

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts

OEM replacement parts from Midwest Towers Inc. are compatible with most models and manufacturers. Parts and services include fiberglass distribution systems; fiberglass fan stacks, corrugated casings and louvers; fan assemblies and parts; gear reducers and parts; drive shafts and couplings; flow control valves; cooling tower fill; drift eliminators; hardware connectors and base anchors; and custom lumber fabrication and lumber treatment.
September/October 2000, RS# 276

Cooling Tower Service

Tower designs from Ecodyne Ltd. employ counterflow or crossflow technology and utilize film or splash fill media. Cooling tower services provided by the company include reconstruction, upgrade, inspection and replacement parts.
September/October 2000, RS# 279

Counterflow Cooling Tower

Four-cell counterflow cooling tower circulates 15,000 gal/min. In one installation, tower was built over an alleyway 30' above grade. From Burger Cooling Tower Co., the tower em-ploys 6' of cellular fill, 60 hp motors and 14' fans. Testing in accordance with CTI ATC-105 showed tower performs at 103% of capacity.
September/October 2000, RS# 284

Resource Management

Resource management for projects ranging from emergency onsite outages to full thermal upgrades can be provided by Cooling Tower Resources. The company's primary roles include resource procurement, fabrication, assembly and logistical support. Maintaining an inventory of redwood, Douglas fir and structural plywood allows the company to custom fabricate parts ranging from ladders to distribution systems.
September/October 2000, RS# 280

Traveling Sump Screen

Self-cleaning Variflow SS Series traveling sump screen from Industrial Cooling Tower is constructed of stainless steel and UHMW plastic. Custom fabricated to replace stationary screens while cooling tower stays in operation, the unit does not require maintenance or lubrication.
September/October 2000, RS# 289