Members of the Brazed Aluminum Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Manufacturers' Associ-ation (ALPEMA) published the second edition of plate-fin heat exchangers standards. The standards support the main objective of ALPEMA, which is to promote the quality and safe use of brazed aluminum heat ex-changers. Topics addressed include materials of construction, design, manufacture, mechanical standards, installation, operation, contractual information and good practice.

Brazed aluminum heat exchangers are used in a number of applications, including cryogenic separation and liquefaction of air, natural gas processing and liquefaction, the production of petrochemicals and treatment of off-gases, and large refrigeration systems. The compact exchangers can handle tighter temperature approaches than other exchanger types, with benefits in energy recovery. In addition, their multi-stream capability provides increased flexibility in process flow-sheet design and in process integration.

Copies of the standards can be obtained on the ALPEMA web site at For more information, e-mail Dave Butter-worth at