Research and development projects focused on treating water for cooling systems are being conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, Calif. According to Cooling Technology Institute's CTI News bulletin, two of EPRI's projects are:

  • Nonoxidizing Biocides for Bio-Fouling Control. This project looks at the applications of emerging technologies and methods. An informal technical update on bench-scale test results using enzyme-based additives and pulsed acoustics has been combined with a discussion on the potential efficacy, cost-effectiveness and application in several case studies. The project manager at EPRI is Paul Chu, (650) 855-2812.

  • Water Utilization in Cooling Systems: Recycling, Reuse and Dry Cooling. The focus of this project covers two main areas. First is the use of recycled/reclaimed water in cooling systems and second is the use of dry cooling in new facilities. EPRI has been field-testing a spray-enhanced dry cooling system to determine potential performance improvements from a spray nozzle designed to achieve fine atomization at low pressures. The EPRI project manager for both areas is Kent Zammit, (650) 855-2097. According to CTI, the California Energy Commission has contributed funding to the project.