Unlike the movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the Hawaiian Host candy plant worries about keeping its chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts from softening during production and packaging in its tropical climate. But just like the movie, there is a hero: MovinCool. Headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., MovinCool's portable spot air-conditioning units save the day by keeping the chocolate from becoming too soft.

Hawaiian Host on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, faces summer temperatures averaging in the high 80s with 60 percent to 70 percent humidity. “It's hot and humid, and we have all this equipment running, which adds even more heat,” says Lito Aquiat, Hawaiian Host plant manager and 20-year veteran.

“There's a design problem with our building,” Aquiat says. “Our air-conditioning system is maxed out and doesn't meet the needs of our production and packing areas. We looked for a solution to keep the workers more comfortable and the candy from softening during transport to the cold storage area.”

Aquiat contacted Air Reps Hawaii for a cost-effective solution. The firm's representative examined the candy factory and showed how the portability and all-in-one design of MovinCool spot air-conditioners could solve the problem. Hawaiian Host bought its first unit in 1997 and now owns seven units. They are placed near workers because keeping them comfortable improves their productivity while also maintaining the candy at the right temperature, Aquiat says.

The factory uses two Classic 40 units, four Office Pro 12 models and one Classic Plus 14. The two Classic 40 units in the candy production and shipping areas have 39,000 BTU/hr of cooling capacity and can duct up to 60' with multiple T-section drops to spot cool multiple areas. They are used in several manufacturing and assembly line applications.

The self-contained Office Pro 12 models have 11,800 BTU/hr of cooling capacity, are programmable, have an electronic thermostat control, and portable to provide on-demand spot cooling. Designed to cool down to 65.25oF(18.47oC), these units are specifically designed for areas filled with heat-generating electronics.

Hawaiian Host also has a rugged Classic 14 unit that provides 13,200 BTU/hr of cooling capacity and has a digital temperature controller, spot nozzle adapters and high cooling capacity for a 115 V/15 A standard outlet. The candymaker uses the unit, equipped with spot nozzles, in its research and development lab to temper chocolate.

According to Aquiat, “The goose neck is very helpful when working with new chocolate blends.” It's the first MovinCool unit the company purchased and it's still functioning great, Aquiat says.