Need information fast? Use this directory of suppliers as a starting point for process cooling equipment, component and supplies.

Chill Platens

Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

Chillers & Temperature Control Systems

ACS Sterling Inc

American Chillers

Fulton Thermal Corp., TCS Div.

Julabo USA Inc.

Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc.


Motivair Corp.


QPC Systems Inc.

Rite-Temp Water Chillers

Schreiber Engineering Corp.

Cooling Towers, Components

Amarillo Gear Co.

Cooling Technology Inc.

Tower Performance

Cryogenic Systems, Components

Chart Industries

Quality Cryogenics

Sponsler Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corp.

Fans, Blowers


New York Blower Co.


Orival Inc.

Heat Exchangers

ITT Standard

Heat Transfer Fluids


Humidification/Fogging Systems

Carel USA

Mee Industries Inc.

MicroCool, A Div. of AxAir Nortec Inc.

Temperature and Process Control, Instrumentation


Ascon Corp.

Athena Controls Inc.

Dwyer Instruments, Love Controls Div.


Jefferson Solenoid Valves

Parker Hannifin Corp., Climate & Industrial Controls

Valve & Filter Corp.

Water Treatment

Clearwater Systems LLC

Garratt-Callahan Co.

Myron L Co.

Nytrox Systems Inc.