Organo-phosphonate test monitors OP levels in boiler and cooling water systems. The level of OP in a solution is ascertained by measuring the volume of a thorium nitrate reagent required to complete a reaction with it, using xylenol orange as an indicator. Palintest OP test uses a tablet that combines a pH adjuster and buffer mixture together with a screened xylenol orange indicator. This is dissolved in the sample to provide the correct pH conditions for the test. The screened indicator produces an obvious color change from green to purple only as the decisive drop of thorium nitrate is added. The microburette for adding the thorium nitrate is directly calibrated to OP concentration and provides a readout to a precision of 0.4 mg/l. The test has been developed for use with most common commercially available OP products, and dechlorinating and defluorinating agents have been incorporated so that the test can be used on systems being treated with chlorine and fluoride compounds.
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