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Fiberglass Cooling Tower

Suited for use in plastics and other process applications, cooling tower fromCooling Tower Systems constructed of fiberglass to ensure tower durability. The lighter weight of a fiberglass tower also enables a smaller, more energy-efficient fan motor to be used, providing cost savings. All units are designed, engineered and tested in the company's research and development laboratory. Circle 258

Basinless Cooling Tower

Series 3000 is designed to increase equipment life and reduce installation costs. From Baltimore Aircoil Co., the basinless cooling tower can be applied directly to projects utilizing new or existing concrete cold water basins. This custom feature provides a cost-sensitive alternative for many field-erected cooling tower projects. The basinless models also complement stringent equipment seismic requirements. Circle 254

Crossflow Cooling Tower

Fiberglass-reinforced polyester evaporative cooling tower fromArctiChill Inc.provides crossflow, vertical discharge airflow for industrial applications. Totally noncorrosive, the tower has fully enclosed fan motors, bolt-together casing, PVC fill and internal water distribution components. The 360oair intake and round, low drag design make this tower efficient regardless of site orientation and able to withstand high wind velocities. Circle 252

Cooling Tower Designed for Use

Tower designs employ counterflow or crossflow techology and can utilize film or splash fill media, depending on the requirements of the application. FromEcodyne, each tower is engineered and constructed by the company's staff. Complete cooling tow er services are offered, including reconstruction, upgrade, inspection and replacement parts. Circle 260

Induced-Draft Cooling Tower

Premier fromDelta Cooling Towers Inc. is constructed from corrosionproof engineered plastic and has a leakproof, molded, seamless shell backed by a 15-yr warranty. The induced-draft cooling tower has a capacity of 500 cooling tons and up to 2,000 gal/min (455 m3/hr) per module. According to the company, the fiberglass cooling tower is shipped factory complete so the installer needs only hook up electrical and water. Circle 259

Nonferrous Cooling Tower Cells

The Power Tower line of cooling towers fromAdvantage Engineeringis manufactured of nonferrous materials to provide high performance and long service life. Made of a high strength, custom-designed fiberglass shell, the tower is supplied with a str uctural steel base and is ready for roof-top or elevated-stand mounting. Its honey-comb channeled, stacked wet deck ensures maximum heat transfer, and the TEFC motor and fan assembly employ a direct-drive design to minimize service requirements. Circle 250

Testing Ensures Performance

Burger Cooling Tower Co. Inc.designs, fabricates and erects industrial cooling towers. Burger also can perform thermal testing and physical inspection to ensure that an installed cooling tower is performing to the cooling tower's specifications. Testing is performed with transit-time ultrasonic flow techniques that provide instant, accurate readings, reducing the time required for testing. Circle 256

Crossflow Cooling Tower

Model LRC-H is constructed to provide lighter operational weights and reduced space requirements. FromAmcot Cooling Tower Corp., the crossflow cooling tower employs a multicell design to accommodate seasonal cooling needs. Future expansion is ach ievable by adapting the existing towers. Circle 251

Counterflow Induced-Draft Tower

A stand-alone, factory-assembled, stainless steel cooling tower, SST is designed for outdoor use in a range of water-cooled systems serving chillers, heat exchangers and industrial processes. FromEvapco Inc., the tower employs a Type 304 stainless steel basin, framework, casing support and fan cowl; fiberglass-reinforced polyester casing panels and fan deck; PVC fill; water distribution system and drift eliminators. Circle 261

Cooling Towers and Parts

Midwest Towers Inc.offers complete cooling towers and OEM replacement parts. Parts and services include fiberglass distribution systems; fiberglass fan stacks, corrugated casings and louvers; fan assemblies and parts; gear reducers and parts; drive shafts and couplings; flow control valves; cooling tower fill; drift eliminators; hardware connectors and base anchors; and custom lumber fabrication and lumber treatment. Circle 266

Field-Erected Cooling Towers

Hamon Cooling Towers'Coolfill integrates thermal, structural and mechanical technology. All towers are designed in accordance with Cooling Technology Institute guidelines and the national design specifications for wood construction to produce a fully optimized cooling tower that maximizes performance and reliability while minimizing costs. Circle 262

Fiberglass Cooling Tower

Model FM400 has a fiberglass structure and PVC film fill. FromMarley Cooling Tower, the tower incorporates three proprietary design elements: hanging fill, special venting of the heat through the fan deck components, and cell separation. The venting concept diminishes the momentum of a flame front, stopping a fire with low flame-spread drop-out/melt-out components. The design has achieved Factory Mutual approval. Circle 265

Temporary Cooling Towers

UtilizingAggreko's temporary cooling towers allows a plant to continue running at 100 percent capacity while routine or emergency maintenance needs are met. The modular cooling towers can be installed and fully functional within a short time frame. The company also offers a full service option for power requirements, including generators, transformers, electrical distribution, cable and other accessories. Circle 263

Pultruded Modular Tower

Induced-draft counterflow tower fromCeramic Cooling Tower Corp.utilizes a modular design that allows the tower to be shipped in segments and assembled on-site. The modular design allows shop labor to be used. Tower features include upper tier materials (pultruded and molded fiberglass); optional materials are offered for all markets. Circle 257

Corrosion-Resistant Cooling Tower

FromWhaley Products Inc. , cooling tower employs a three-section design that slips one section into the others, eliminating the need for gaskets that could leak. The fiberglass sections are connected with stainless steel bolts for ease of assembly and disassembly. In operation, water entering the tower is sprayed uniformly over the large surface area of the tower wet decking. The combination of airflow and a large surface area evaporates a small percentage of water, providing cooling. Circle 269

Tower Has Extended Warranty

FC Series has a ten-year warranty on its fiberglass shell and a five-year warranty on all other tower components, including the mill and chemical duty motor. FromThermal Care, the tower is constructed of all nonferrous materials, including the fib erglass-reinforced polyester shell and structural support, PVC fill and drift eliminator, and PVC water distribution system. Circle 268

Low Maintenance Cooling Tower

Tower has extra-thick fiberglass, heavy-duty components and stainless steel internal framing and hardware. Tower is assembled and ready for installation. FromBerg Chilling Systems Inc., structural steel base with welded-in-place pipe connections is standard. Circle 255

Cooling Tower Filter

Cottonwood-pollen screening system fromAir Solution Co.keeps cooling towers free of airborne debris such as bugs, paper, birds, cottonwood and pollen. Made of fiberglass and coated with polypropylene, the filtering system can be cleaned with a broom or a shop vacuum. Circle 270