Arm yourself with tower knowledge to protect your process equipment. Our product roundup gives you a sampling of your choices.

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Vertical Flow Cooling Towers

Budzar Industries Inc.'s ICE CT-RF (round, counterflow) and CT-SF (square, crossflow) Series are designed to consistently produce chilled water for all processes that require 85oF (29oC) fluid temperature. The cooling towers are light, compact and offer a long service life under severe conditions. Its fiberglass mat laminated from unsaturated polyester resin construction is covered with a gel coat to form a smooth surface. Tower's internal construction is made from a rigid PVC sheet that is embossed and corrugated in a honeycomb configuration for high thermal efficiency.

Modular Cooling Tower

TM Series expands Delta Cooling Towers Inc.'s unit capacity up to 2,000 cooling tons. Plastic molded tower is designed to provide a long service life and offers features such as a unitarily molded seamless leakproof sump with I-beam pockets, nonclog, large-orifice spray nozzles, double-wall seamless high density polyethylene shell, and direct-drive fans. Energy-efficient tower can be configured for just about any application. The modular design allows various cells to be isolated if required.

Rental Cooling Towers

NuTemp/Longville offers portable rental cooling towers in sizes ranging from 100 to 2,000 tons. The cooling towers provide emergency or temporary cooling to a cross section of customers for extra capacity during a heat wave or coverage during a permanent tower changeout. Features of the rental towers include corrosion resistance, ease of installation, durable construction and stainless-steel basins.

Counterflow Cooling Tower

Midwest Tower's FPT Series has a strong, fire-retardant pultruded fiberglass panel with a nonskid coating that offers UV protection. Factory-assembled components and subassemblies provide fast, consistent and safe construction as well as low maintenance.

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Thermal Care's FC Series comes standard with direct-drive fan motors. Features include Class F insulation rated for 310oF (154oC); double-sealed bearings to exclude contaminants; cast frame to ensure proper bearing alignment; and no grease fittings to eliminate maintenance. The series also includes a 10-yr parts warranty on the shell and a five-year parts warranty on the complete tower.

Custom-Designed Towers

Induced-draft design water cooling towers from Tower Engineering Inc. offer permanently aligned mechanical equipment design, high quality materials of construction, accessibility for inspection and maintenance, and thermal reliability. Counterflow designs incorporating ceramic tile fill, PVC film or splash fills can be installed in permanent precast concrete or fiberglass design structure housings.

Fiberglass Cooling Tower

Whaley Products specializes in complete system design and manufacturing of cooling systems and cooling towers. The company's fiberglass cooling tower is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and the heavy-duty model is designed to help eliminate the need for gaskets, making them easily field- assembled with the company's slipfit tri-shell system. The tower can be built in multiple cells to provide redundancy and satisfy large-capacity system demands.

Cooling Tower Systems

QPC Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IdraPrince, designs and manufactures a range of industrial temperature control equipment. Systems available include cooling tower systems, central and portable air- and water-cooled chillers, hot oil units, and water-circulating temperature control systems.

Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers

Baltimore Aircoil Co. added new models to its induced-draft FXV product line, expanding its closed-circuit cooling tower offerings. Originally consisting of all single-air-inlet cells, the line now includes larger, higher capacity dual-air-inlet models. The thermal performance of all are independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), eliminating the need for onsite field tests. The company's Combined Flow Technology employs a combination of coil and wet-deck heat transfer surfaces to increase performance.

Counterflow/Crossflow Cooling Towers

Ecodyne designs and builds counterflow/crossflow cooling towers for utilities and process industries. Complete cooling tower services also are offered, including reconstruction, upgrade, inspection, testing and replacement parts.

Cooling Tower

Marley Cooling Technologies' rotomolded polyethylene hot and cold water UniBasin technology has a leak-proof, corrosion-proof 10-year warranty. Available in gear or belt drive, the NC cooling tower is available up to 1,812 tons in a single cell, which is reported to be the largest factory assembled tower on the market.

Modular Cooling Tower

Tower Tech Inc. builds evaporative water cooling towers for power and process cooling applications. The modular design allows the tower to accommodate any heat load from 5,000 to 500,000 gal/min. Features include built-in redundancy, low emissions and low maintenance requirements and operating costs. Towers contain the company's Variable-Flow rotary spray nozzle, which delivers a square spray pattern and adjusts automatically to varying water flows and pressures. A water collection system allows all mechanical equipment to be installed beneath the tower, which prolongs motor life and eases maintenance access.

Crossflow Cooling Tower

Tecumseh Cool Products offers corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel units in 5- to 125-ton capacities. Designed to ease maintenance and provide maximum efficiency, the tower's PVC nozzles ensure that water entering the tower is distributed uniformly over thermoplastic media material. Field-erectable, the tower has a structural steel base ready for rooftop, elevated or ground-level installations. Its small footprint makes it suitable for applications with limited space.

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Dura-Lite is designed for a long service life with minimal maintenance. Offered by U.S. Cooling, the tower is built to eliminate leaks, provide good UV protection and withstand seismic and hurricane winds. Its exterior can be custom-colored to match any surrounding. Interior components can be tailored to meet abrasive water chemistries or water that may foul other towers. Unit is lightweight and can be hoisted in one piece to the top of roofs or field-assembled where hoisting is not practical.

Cooling Tower Filter

Cottonwood-pollen screening system from Air Solution Co. keeps cooling towers free of airborne debris such as bugs, paper, birds, cottonwood and pollen. Made of fiberglass and coated with polypropylene, he filtering system can be cleaned with a broom or a shop vacuum.

Field-Erected Cooling Towers

Product line includes mechanical draft and natural draft cooling towers, counterflow designs, wood, concrete, fiberglass and steel structures as well as designs for special applications requiring wet/dry or low noise. Hamon Cooling Towers' pre-engineered unit, the Coolfill, integrates state-of-the-art thermal, structural and mechanical technology. All towers are designed in accordance with Cooling Technology Institute guidelines and the national design specifications for wood construction to produce a fully optimized cooling tower that maximizes performance and reliability while minimizing costs.

Small Tonnage Towers

SymTec International specializes in small tonnage cooling towers and offers horizontal flow cooling towers in sizes from 5 to 125 tons. The design of the AHF Series incorporates heavy-gauge galvannealed steel with a Polane coating. Other features include a stainless-steel water distribution tray and exterior-access grease ports to ease maintenance on belt-driven models.

Fiberglass Cooling Tower

Berg Chilling Systems' line of single- and dual-cell cooling towers is made of extra-thick fiberglass to provide a long service life. Fiberglass-reinforced polyester casings and water basins have UV-inhibitor in the gel coat to eliminate fiberglass deterioration and pigment fading. Tower is supplied assembled on a structural steel integral base. Pipe connections are welded in place for easier installation and hookup.

Nonferrous Cooling Tower Cells

The Power Tower line of cooling towers from Advantage Engineering is manufactured of nonferrous materials to provide high performance and long service life. Made of a high strength, custom-designed fiberglass shell, the tower is supplied with a structural steel base and is ready for roof-top or elevated-stand mounting. Its honey-comb channeled, stacked wet deck ensures maximum heat transfer, and the TEFC motor and fan assembly employ a direct-drive design to minimize service requirements.

Tower Monitoring

Evapco Inc.'s Sentinel system is designed to reduce evaporative cooling tower maintenance costs, improve performance and avoid unit failure. Unit can monitor up to eight key functions while providing control of six critical areas such as pan heaters, fan and pump lockout, water makeup and fan-shaft bearing lubricators. The panel has LED alarm indicators for onsite inspection and is capable of remote access via modem. The device includes 30-day datalogging, alarm history and graphing and diagnostics.

Evaporative Towers

Freeze Co can provide all types of cooling towers from economical fiberglass models, to crossflow, counterflow and forced draft technologies to meet individual conditions. Tower systems are available for closed-loop and free-cooling options and can be equipped with side-stream filtration, heat traced insulation, elevating structures and other thermal and mechanical requirements. Applications include chiller condenser cooling, plant-wide heat exchanger cooling, compressor and reactor jackets, free-cooling chiller bypass systems, die-cast mold cooling and other industrial process needs.