Cryogenic valves such as this one from Poyam Valves control substance flows at extremely low temperatures.

A Spanish valves supplier was asked to design and manufacture valves for use in the natural gas and alumina refining industries. The ability to cope with extreme temperatures and hostile environments, corrosion resistance and durability were key criteria. Using high-performance polymers developed in-house, Trelleborg was able to offer a range of seal solutions that could meet the required criteria regarding the safety and durability of these valves.

Situated outside the small town of Idiazabal in the Basque country of northern Spain is the headquarters of Poyam Valves, a designer and manufacturer of specialized valves. Poyam Valves has been designing and producing valves since 1964 and is a global supplier of cryogenic valves -- valves that control substance flows at extremely low temperatures. In the petrochemical industry, cryogenic valves are used to control gas flows at extraction points, on LNG (liquefied natural gas) tankers, and during conversion from the liquid to gaseous state at processing plants.

Faced with the challenge of matching its precision valve design and production with safety-critical seal systems, Poyam Valves approached Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Stuttgart, Germany. Poyam now uses Trelleborg's Variseal cryogenic seals, with operating temperatures ranging from 5 to 617oF (-15 to 325oC) as well as other Trelleborg cryogenic seals that can operate between -321 to 392°F (-196 and 200° C). These seals meet Poyam Valves' stringent environmental and safety criteria.