GEA PHE Systems North America will construct a new facility in York, Pa.

International GEA Group AG has made a multi-million dollar investment to build a new plant to manufacture brazed plate heat exchangers in York, Pa. The new manufacturing and administration facility in York will house GEA PHE Systems North America, the company formed of the merger of GEA’s two companies, GEA FlatPlate Inc., York, Pa., and GEA WTT Inc., Bohemia, N.Y. GEA PHE Systems North America will market a new product range that is expected to provide one-stop shopping for advanced brazed plate heat exchangers.

            The official launch of the merged companies was announced at AHR Expo in Dallas. Concurrently, the GB, a brazed plate heat exchanger with a newly designed corrugation pattern on the plates, was introduced. The new pattern is designed to optimize the flow of media around inlet and outlet ports; create more turbulence; and transfer heat more efficiently.

  According to GEA Group AG, the move utilizes the companies’ structures and takes full advantage of the joint expertise between the joined organizations. The merger concentrates the group’s expertise in brazed plate heat exchanger technology under one roof for heightened operational efficiency.

            The new factory will provide production, sales and application support for the GEA PHE Systems North America’s range of high-performance heat exchangers for use in the refrigeration, heating and industrial processes. Production will begin in May, and total employment is expected to rise from 60 to more than 150.

            GEA PHE Systems North America will be part of the GEA Process Equipment Division which, together with three other divisions, forms part of GEA Group AG. For more information, call (717) 767-9060.