The technical program of the IIAR meeting in Nashville, Tenn., is sure to strike a chord with those wanting to learn more about ammonia refrigeration. The annual conference and trade show will be held March 18-21 at Renaissance Hotel. The three-day meeting showcases a conference program that includes operations/maintenance workshops, panel discussions, technical papers and a product/service demonstration. In addition, more than 100 manufacturers of industrial refrigeration equipment, components, supplies and systems will be on hand demonstrating products and services at the trade show.

            Each 30-minute operations/maintenance session will focus on topics identified in a survey of IIAR end-user members. Scheduled topics include: proper pump-down practices and system options; NH3/CO2 system startup; developments in CO2 systems; codes and standards for machinery room operation and design; safe oil-draining procedures; preparing for an EPA/RMP audit; routine startup and shutdown procedures; site security for ammonia refrigeration facilities; relief valves, including causes of failure; PSM training requirements; relief valves replacement frequency; plant-wide management for integrated industrial refrigeration efficiency; simplifying relief valve and manifold sizing; heat reclamation using plate-and-frame heat exchangers; a 30-min plan for emergency response; plate-and-frame heat exchanger teardown and maintenance; preparing for a general-duty inspection; the mechanical integrity of piping, including failure prevention and system inspection; ammonia release data and reporting requirements; and ammonia detectors.

            Two panel discussions will focus on regulatory affairs and code issues. In “Ammonia Refrigeration Research,” experts will report on the latest research projects addressing issues such as hydraulic shock and stress corrosion cracking. It is scheduled for Monday, March 19, at 3 p.m. In “Codes and Standards,” industry professionals will discuss the developments of codes and standards relating to the ammonia refrigeration industry, including those that are applied globally. Reports will focus on fire codes, mechanical codes, ASHRAE 15, IIAR 2 and other new IIAR standards under development. It is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20, at 8:30 a.m.

            The peer-reviewed technical papers presented at the IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Conference & Trade Show address the science and technology of ammonia refrigeration. Planned technical paper presentations include:

  • Mechanical integrity and nondestructive inspection.

  • A system-wide approach to equipment control for maximum energy efficiency.

  • Stress corrosion cracking.

  • Air coolers, air currents and temperature distribution in large refrigerated warehouses.

  • High-rise warehouses, a trend for controlled-pressure receiver systems.

  • Troubleshooting ammonia refrigeration systems with plate heat exchangers.

  • Minimizing unit freezing costs for inline freezing systems.

  • Thermal analysis of food freezing processes using variable properties and numerical techniques.

  • Optimizing efficiency with a kaizen blitz.

            Finally, at the product/service showcase, a new addition to the technical program, exhibitor-sponsored training sessions will address operational and maintenance issues. Scheduled session topics include: ammonia contamination symptoms and solutions, presented by Airgas; the TriArmor corrosion protection system, presented by Baltimore Aircoil; the Pulse-Pure water treatment for treating cooing water, presented by Evapco; energy-efficient freezer doorway equipment, presented by HCR; the “inside story” on single-screw compressors, presented by Vilter Manufacturing; and high-side float regulation, a method to expand refrigerant, presented by Witt Industrial Refrigeration.

            For more information on the IIAR Conference and Trade Show, call (703) 312-4200 or visit

Companies Exhibiting at IIAR

A110% Software
Adolpho Blasquez
Advantage Refrigeration Inc.
Airfoil Impellers
Airgas Specialty Products
Alfa Laval Inc.
Ammonia Process Safety Management Inc.
Analytical Technology
Baltimore Aircoil Co.
Bitzer Canada
Bonar Engineering and Construction Co.
Bry-Air Inc.
Buffalo Pumps Inc.
Camco Lubricants
Carter & Burgess
Cavcom Inc.
Chem Aqua
Chester Jensen
Clearwater Systems Corp.
Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.
Concepts and Designs MS
Cook Brothers
Cool Air Inc.
Cooling and Applied Technology Inc.
Cornell Pump Co.
Curry Controls Co.
Cyrus Shank Co.
Delta Tee International
Draeger Safety
DualTemp Companies
Extol Of Ohio Inc.
FES Systems Inc.
Garden City Ammonia Program
Garden City Community College
GEA-Flat Plate Inc.
GfG Instrumentation
Guntner U.S. LLC
H.A. Phillips & Co.
Hansen Supply Co
Hansen Technologies
HCR Inc.
Hench Control
Hermetic Pumps Inc.
Honeywell Analytics
Howden Compressors Co. LLC
Howe Corp.
Industrial Construction & Engineering Co.
Industrial Consultants LLC
Industrial Refrigeration Solutions
Industrial Service & Fabricators Inc.
Ingersoll Rand
Innovative Refrigeration Systems
Jones Co. Jr. College
Keeprite Refrigeration
Krack Corp.
Lanham Insulation Inc.
Lanier Tech, Ammonia Training Program
Logic Technologies Inc.
Logix Refrigeration Controls
M&M Refrigeration
Marking Services Inc.
McQuay International
Milmech USA Ltd.
Morris & Associates Inc.
MTH Pumps
Multi-Wing America
Munters Corp., Dehumidification Div.
NH3 Team Inc.
North Star Ice Equipment
Parker Refrigerating Specialties
Paul Mueller Co.
Petrochem Insulation Inc.
Phoenix Air Systems
Polyguard Products
Quote Software Inc.
Ram Industries LLC
Refrigeration Systems Co.
Republic Refrigeration Inc.
Sondex Inc.
Stellar Group
Tanner Industries
Teikoku USA Inc.
Toromont Cimco
Tranter Inc.
UF Ammonia Services
Vahterus Oy
Vilter Manufacturing LLC
Vogt Ice
VRTX Technologies LLC
Witt GmbH Industrial Refrigeration
Zer-O-Loc Enterprises Ltd.