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Speak the lingo effectively. Learn more about enthalpy, subcooling, superheat and other refrigeration terms.

Enthalpy - Heat content; a term of measurement for how much heat a gas or liquid can hold, and for how much heat is needed to change the temperature.

Expansion Valve Hunting- Alternate overfeeding and starving of refrigerant flow to the evaporator.

Heat Load– An amount of heat that must be removed within a certain period, usually 24 hours.

Homogeneous- Of uniform structure or composition throughout.

Subcooling- Cooling a liquid to a temperature that is lower than the saturation temperature for a given pressure.

Superheat- The difference between the vapor point (i.e., the temperature at which the refrigerant evaporates at a given pressure) and the actual temperature of the refrigerant exiting the evaporator coil.