Is your chilled water system operating at peak efficiency? Use the chilled water system analysis tool (CWSAT) Version 2.1 to find out.

The chilled water system analysis tool is a free software tool to help you determine energy consumption and costs of a chilled water system, examine the energy and economic impact of various operating scenarios, and quantify potential cost and energy savings.

Offered by BestPractices, a program area within the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) of the Department of Energy, the software tool can be used to determine the energy requirements of your system and to evaluate opportunities for energy and costs savings by applying improvement measures. Provide basic information about an existing configuration to calculate current energy consumption, and then select proposed equipment or operational changes for comparison. The results of this analysis will help you quantify the potential benefits of chilled water system improvements.

ITP's mission is to improve the energy intensity of the U.S. industrial sector through a coordinated program of research and development, validation, and dissemination of energy-efficient technologies and practices. To download the software program, visit