A fine-chemical producer in Georgia needed a low-temperature heat transfer fluid to replace the flammable-rated product in its reactor loop. A fragrances and pheromones firm in New England needed much lower temperatures than its citrus-derived fluid was capable of delivering. And a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Puerto Rico needed a non-aqueous food-grade thermal fluid because the specified glycol/water solution couldn't deliver the cooling capacity the process demanded.

All three companies needed heat transfer fluids better suited to the specific requirements of their cooling processes.

Over the past two years, Paratherm Corp., W. Conshohocken, Pa., a long-time manufacturer of high-temperature heat transfer fluids, has developed a line of lower-temperature transfer fluids, and these products filled the technical needs of all three processors.

Paratherm MG mid-range fluid is a food-grade non-aqueous heat/cool fluid that eliminates the significant design and operational problems found in steam/chilled-water systems. The fluid, now installed in the Puerto Rico application, is recommended for processes operating from 32 to 932°F (0 to 500°C).

Processors with more severe low-temperature requirements have found success with the properties used in Paratherm LR heat transfer fluid. This food-grade NSF-approved fluid operates between -40 and 399°F (-40 and 204°C). Its low (less than 140°F [60°C]) flashpoint allows it to be classified as combustible rather than flammable, reducing safety concerns. Many chemical, cosmetic and electronic-materials manufacturers have replaced silicone-based, glycol/water and other fluid chemistries with Paratherm LR. This is the fluid that solved problems in the fine-chemicals plant in Georgia.

Paratherm's cryogenic-range Paratherm CR heat transfer fluid was specifically developed to provide the ultra-cold process temperatures - down to -148°F (-100°C) - that pharmaceutical and fine-chemical manufacturers need to increase product purity while simultaneously cutting production time. The low viscosity permits high fluid turbulence, resulting in fast heat removal. These benefits are providing operational and competitive advantages to the pheromone and fragrances producer in New England.

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