Nytrox introduces its next generation of computerized ozone water treatment equipment for wastewater. This advanced ozone technology addresses a critical issue for wastewater treatment - water purification without chemical residue.

As we become more industrialized, the need grows worldwide for a cost effective method to purify water without the chemical residue flowing into the discharge stream. Use of chemicals is the conventional method that is now used with varied results in efforts to neutralize the chemicals and minimize residue. As environmental standards increase, statistics show this method does not consistently meet the new environmental requirements.

Wastewater from commercial applications contains a wide variety of contaminants that include cyanides, phenols, and oxygen depleting complex chemicals. Due to its strong oxidative nature, ozone will treat complex commercial waste including reduction of TOC and destruction of organics. The Nytrox ozone generation system purifies the water and destroys biocontaminants without the risk of chemical residue.

All Nytrox systems have computer control for optimal results with remote monitoring and control available. The compact system can be easily installed and maintained.

  • Substantial Reduction of Chemical Residue
  • Reduction of Chemical Usage
  • Reduction of TOC
  • Elimination of Organics

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