Instructional labs that offer hands-on technical facilities for pump, valve and seal system optimization and maintenance training have been opened by Dallas-based Flowserve Corp. The Learning Resource Center, located in Irving, Texas, offers hands-on training in a simulated plant environment that includes complete pumping systems and equipment from both Flowserve and other manufacturers.

Up to 50 percent of training time at the center is spent working in the operational labs with the pump, valve and seal systems. Courses are specifically designed to increase participants' skill levels in equipment selection, installation, repair, failure analysis and troubleshooting. Participants return to work with practical knowledge to improve plant performance, increase machine availability, lower the cost of maintenance, and improve plant safety.

Three of the center's training labs, totaling 4,300 ft2, enable participants to analyze equipment failures and determine their causes, learning first-hand how to prevent pump, seal and control valve failure. The inclusion of equipment from various manufacturers ensures that learning takes place in a real-world environment.

Four 900 ft 2power labs have 26 operational pumping systems, many with transparent piping and housings so participants have a real-time view of fluid motion and typical pumping system failures. Participants also learn to create pump curves, troubleshoot cavitation problems, and perform “dead head” tests and other vital diagnostics. The center instructional team has more than 100 years of combined experience in industries from water treatment to aerospace.