A 10 micron filtration system supplied by Amiad Filtration Systems, Oxnard, Calif., passed inspection and approval by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Compliance (SCDHEC) for a package wastewater treatment plant located at Harbor Island near Beaufort, S.C. The AMF2 system met new regulatory limits and was found to produce a higher quality effluent consisting of 0.3 ppm total suspended solids (TSS), <2 ppm biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and 0.8 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU).

The filtration system incorporates a PLC controller that allows operators a full menu of monitoring and remote interface options. Capital costs, footprint size, range of filtration degree, and low operating and maintenance expenses were the main reasons Robert Gross, P.E., and owner of the plant, cited as reasons for selecting the Amiad system.