Krones will provide comprehensive turnkey support for the engineering, equipment, installation and integration of a “Greenfield” brewery to be built by New Glarus Brewing Co., New Glarus, Wis. With a yearly capacity of 120,000 hl, the project is the first complete brewery project in the United States for Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, together with its U.S. affiliate Krones Inc., Franklin, Wis.

The order includes the malt house, malt handling and cleaning, the brewhouse, the entire cold area including yeast propagation and storage, as well as the integration of the new processing area with an existing Krones filling line. Krones also will provide complete engineering including all utilities such as water, steam, CO2 or air, and automating the brewery with its Botec process control system.

The brewhouse will be equipped with Steinecker (a subsidiary of Krones) technologies, including the wet mill, mashing system, lauter tun and wort boiling system with energy storage. In the initial expansion phase, the brewhouse will cast six brews per day at 120 hl each. In order to produce 12 brews, the brewhouse can be supplemented by one pre-run vessel. In combination with the appropriate tank farm and utility expansion, the total capacity of the brewery can reach 300,000 hl per year.