A 191,000-ft2cold storage facility that incorporates an environmentally sound CO 2-based refrigeration system will be built for United States Cold Storage in Lake City, Fla., by Stellar of Jacksonville, Fla.

Located in a strategic position near local interstates to serve the southeastern states, the facility will encompass 5.1 million3and house 18,000 pallets with 18 dock doors. It will include a freezer, two convertible rooms and a 60' loading dock to facilitate high-volume flow-through. It is being designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize contamination risks.

The energy-efficient CO2-based refrigeration system will maintain temperatures of 35 to -20°F (2 to -29°C). Two of the three refrigeration rooms will offer convertible space, which will provide extra-wide refrigerated truck docks. The docks will facilitate cross-docking, trans-loading and prestaging of products.