Rydlyme foams and bubbles in reservoir while actively dissolving the scale.

A major brewery in the western United States had two ammonia condensers that were operating at a 30 percent loss in efficiency. The brewery contacted TRS Inc., Boulder, Colo., a representative for Aurora Ill.-based Apex Engineering, for possible solutions. TRS recommended cleaning the compressors with Rydlyme, a product designed to dissolve the water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits from water-based equipment.

About 2,200 gal of Rydlyme, manufactured by Aurora Ill.-based Apex Engineering, were used on the condensers in three separate four-to-five hour cleaning periods over two and a half days. As a result, the header and spray nozzles were freed of all scale, and the tubes were cleaned down to the bare metal. The only scale left on the system was on the distribution pipes where the product was unable to reach due to the spray-nozzle pattern.

After completion of the cleaning, the units returned to service, and the brewery was able to run these units dry with only the outside ambient temperature providing adequate cooling. The condensers are now operating at an estimated efficiency of 95 percent, or better.