OAM purger is designed to continually clean oil, acid and moisture from a chiller’s refrigerant charge and return the oil to the chiller’s compressor lubrication circuit via the oil reservoir sump. Oil separation and refrigerant cleaning are accomplished via a process utilizing the properties of gravity, heat and pressure to function. Each cycle, the purger extracts from the chiller evaporator (cooler) a batch of oil-contaminated refrigerant (approximately 10 to 20 lb). The contaminated refrigerant is heated via a distillation heater, which causes the liquid refrigerant to vaporize (boil off), thereby distilling out contaminating oil. When the temperature of the accumulated distilled oil reaches 145°F (63°C), it is essentially pure oil and is automatically returned to the chiller’s oil reservoir (sump). System cleans 850 to 1,250 lb of contaminated refrigerant weekly.

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