A cooling tower platform developed by GE Water & Process Technologies and Varitech Equipment Co. provides emergency, supplemental or extended-term cooling to North American customers.

To provide emergency, supplemental or extended-term cooling and evaporative service to industrial customers across the North America, a mobile cooling tower package has been developed using Trevose, Pa.-based GE Water & Process Technologies’ cooling water chemistry and Cedartown, Ga.-based Varitech Equipment Co.’s cooling tower platform.

GE Water’s alliance with Varitech provides emergency 24-hour industrial support to companies in need of temporary cooling tower water systems. The two companies have experience in industries such as power generation, refining, chemical processing, and pulp and paper.

Offering treatment capacities from 500 to 10,000 gal/min, the Varitech temporary mobile cooling towers are suitable for sites that require supplementary cooling capabilities, including sites with periods of limited cooling capacity or increasing water temperatures, to minimize negative production impacts without capital investment. They also can be used to maintain cooling for critical areas of a plant during scheduled maintenance shutdowns and to help sites recover from a cooling tower failure. The mobile, temporary units can be used to restore a plant online and minimize production losses during emergency situations.

The towers also are useful for maintaining plant operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements during drought or extreme heat conditions. Additional cooling capacity can help cool water to acceptable temperatures prior to reintroduction to a receiving body of water.